Oct 29, 2013

Google's Smart Watch

If this is going to be the real design of the Google Smart Watch than I think it's fugly. But because of this it's also cute. I like. I want.


Now I'm Confused

This is the Concept 1865 electric velocipede. Why? Can someone tell me what's the pro of having 2 different sizes of wheels? It's designed by DING3000 from Germany. In collaboration with BASF. A plastic bike that looks like an antique penny-farthing. Mmmm. It probably rides very good but it looks ugly.


Ken Box Is My Hero

This is terrific (thanks Gregg). Ken Box Crazy Cart Gymkhana, a tribute to Ken Block (btw I still believe Ken Block is one of The Stigs). I like the 'mister' detail.


Oct 27, 2013

Death Hacks

DED Talk for zombies on How To survive the human apocalypse.

Famous Last Meals

Last meals of the famous. From Abe Lincoln to Ernest Hemingway, Michael Jackson and Edward Smith (the Titanic captain). I bet if they knew they would die they would pick something else.


Suspended Roudabout

What a cool idea. A suspended roudabout for bicycles, The Hovenring in the Netherlands. Cars happy, bicycles happy, economy happy and it looks good. Designed by IPV Delft.


Allen Ginsberg On The 50s Beat Generation

Allen Ginsberg talks about the Beat Generation, about Bob Dylan, Kerouac and censorship. Full show.

The World Definitely Hates Me

So true, this post of BuzzFeed, the signs that the world hates you. Starting this post something happened which I want to add ... creepy!!!!!!

and now the BuzzFeed signs, the ones I recognize ...

Don't Do This In Real Life

... so why are we doing it online?

There's No Place Like Home

Dominic Wilcox created shoes that can guide you home by gps. Click click click 'There's No Place Like Home' ... 'There's No Place Like Home' ... ... Cool project.

No Place Like Home from Dominic Wilcox on Vimeo.

Emma! *sigh*

Very nice French commercial for toilet paper. A lot of things are not replaceable and never will be replaced by technology.

A Day In The Life Of An Astronaut

Chris Hadfield, an astronaut himself, published 'An Astronaut's Guide To Life'. A couple of video's accompany the book. And yes, they are hilarious.

How Many Countries Are There

This is not so easy as it seems ...

The Way Of A Hula Hoop

Etereas, an animation short by Daniela Villanueva and Mara Soler (Flaminguettes). Beautiful.

Etereas / Animation Shortfilm from Flaminguettes on Vimeo.

R.I.P. Lou Reed - 71 Years Old

My favorite album from Lou Reed, definitely Berlin (1973). I know, not THE best music wise. But I can cry listening to it.

How To Recycle A Car

Get rid of the board computers, a car has to be mechanical. I like! A documentary of Suame Magazine, a 100y old district where they can make everything, incl. recycling cars.

"North of the Kumasi marketplace is Suame Magazine, a neighbourhood car market. Originating in 1920s when blacksmiths started to shift their attention from carriages to cars, the Suame Magazine, now employes an estimated 200,000 artisans in 12,000 enterprises, mainly related to auto repair."

Oct 26, 2013

Anti-Communist Propaganda

The red menace. Communism. Ah well, what did they know.


Lifesaving Machines

A very personal photo series by Austrian photographer Reiner Riedler. A different look at medical lifesaving machines.


Bau Bau ... Voff Voff ...

How do dogs bark worldwide. A fun print by James Chapman, for sale on Etsy.


Duck Face Syndrom

It's a duck face epidemic. How many already suffer of this? Am I glad that I was practicing but my face refused.

Vintage Posters

Do you want to create your own unique wallpaper? Or are you in need of filling an empty space on your wall? Or do you just like vintage posters. Check Free Vintage Posters. You can search different categories and download the posters in high resolution. Don't need hires files? Just browse, it's cute.

World Memory Championships

English photographer David Vintiner documents the contestants in different Memory Championships. A very serious sports in very depressing settings.


Emoticons In 1881

Emoticons? That's soooo 1881. Very nice article about the newspaper Puck, founded in 1876 by Joseph Keppler.

This article about Typographical Art was published in 1881.

Perfect Halloween Music

Emily and the Strangers with 'Calling All Guitars'. Nice video.

Video Psychotherapy

"VideoPsychotherapy will guide you through your nightmares." I like. VideoPsychotherapy is a nightmare in itself. Very good. Difficult to pick a couple of video's.

The Doctor

Asylum from VideoPsychotherapy on Vimeo.

Murder and Mayhem from VideoPsychotherapy on Vimeo.

All Mad from VideoPsychotherapy on Vimeo.

The Deep

The Deep, a wonderful tools stop motion video by PES.

Married Kama Sutra

The Married Kama Sutra by Simon Rich and Farley Katz. Could also be 'In-A-Relationship-A-Long-Time Kama Sutra', or 'Living-Together Kama Sutra'. Proof? Check Facebook.


Robotboys ft Poppin' John

I only have one thing to say about this: WOW!