Jun 21, 2014

Don't Try This At Home

Photo's of China's foot binding tradition by Jo Farrell. Kids ... don't try this at home.


Classic Art Works Re-Invented

At first I thought it was a bit too simple. But ... there are some cute re-inventions.


Little Known Science Facts

You're never too old to learn. Is it true ... is it fake?


La Roux 'Uptight Downtown'

La Roux is back. New album Trouble In Paradise available July 7th 2014.

Abandoned Mental Institutions

Abandoned American mental institutions that operated during the 19th century by Jeremy Harris for American Asylum.


WTF Video Of The Day

Guy wearing a Mentos suit jumps into a tank of Diet Coke. Very brave!


This Made Me Smile

A romantic Ecard by WrongCards named Cardioid.

Cyril Vickers ... I'm One Lucky Girl

I received a package today, a package from Cyril Vickers, art-director and artist. He send me a couple of his art works for my birthday, for christmas, for my new home and my daughter Micky Puck could pick one of them because she got her exams.

I opened the package and wow! Cyril Vickers made me one happy girl. They're awesome. My absolute fav is Ray Charles, but I like also Waiting a lot and ofcourse That's Magic. Have to find myself some frames and put them somewhere nice in my new home. Thanks Cyril!!!!!!

And ofcourse if you want to buy his art, just contact me.

(Quality of the photo's isn't optimal, took them in the evening with my mobile)

Can They Pimp It So I Can Use It In Amsterdam?

I love this car! An aluminium car build to drive on abandoned railways. Looks good and is hybrid. (Come to think of it, this is the first hybrid I like). Artists Ivan Puig and Andrés Padilla Domene (Los Ferronautas) built it and named it SEFT-1. Goal: explore the abandoned passenger railways of Mexico and Ecuador.


SEFT-1 Abandoned Railways Exploration Probe from The Arts Catalyst on Vimeo.

I Need Sheldon, Leonard And Rajesh ... And I'm Complete

Now I only need Sheldon Cooper, Leonard Hofstadter and Rajesh Koothrappali ... and I'm complete. I got from my daughter Micky Puck van Dartel for my birthday this vinyl 'doll' Howard Wolowitz (love the belt). She bought it for me at Animecon in The Hague. I love it. I want the whole series complete.

Thanks Micky Puck!

Jun 20, 2014

The History Of San Francisco's Castro District

Beautiful photo's by Thomas Alleman about the Castro District in San Francisco.


What Is This Huge Neon Lenin Doing?

Yes, that's correct, he's pissing. Like the small guy in Belgium. A big neo Lenin pissing. If you want to see it with your own eyes you have to travel to Krakau, Poland. And oh ... it's art.


It Got Better ft George Takei

And yes ... it did get better. Nice series. Nice to listen to George Takei telling about his life.

Lionel Messi Hugs?!

I don't like watching soccer, or sports in general. But it's hard to miss soccer these weeks. Lousy commercials on television, bad print ads and a lot of orange. How I don't like the color orange. But than all of a sudden you bump on a viral one 'Lionel Messi Hugs', I know the name, I know the brand, I had to think hard for which team Messi plays, but it doesn't matter. I like this one. Again simplicity rules! One thing though, a pity they didn't shoot it in the streets. On the other hand probably that would have created a riot.

Messi for Head & Shoulders. Is Head & Shoulders taking a turn? I hope so, I hope they're going to create more of these. Does anyone knows which agency did this?

I Want!

I want these pixel panties. Designed by Sebastião Teixeira and Cesária Martins. I hope they're going to design a whole set. Pixel lingerie!

via (Thanks Yam)

Jun 18, 2014

Yo! Exactly The Messaging App I Want

Add me on Yo, my username is sylvanaknaap. It saves you a lot of typing, swiping, auto-correct. It's just what it is, it says Yo. Developped by Or Arbel. Yo is currently available on iOS and Android.


These Fluffy Wrestlers Are Too Cute

'Fight' was the trailer for the '2013 Festival National du Film d'Animation'. Directed by Emma De Swaef & Marc James Roels. The wedgy is terrific.

Fight! from Marc James Roels on Vimeo.

Work Table & Cutlery Box

I simply love this work table and cutlery box by Russia based designer Ekaterina Vagurina. Made from fiber-cement and wood. And multi functional.