Jul 27, 2017

The 1987 Consumer Electronics Show (CES)

Time flies. I have to smile.

Leonardo da Vinci’s Notebooks Now Online

Leonardo da Vinci's notebooks are probably his most interesting work, the Codex Arundel. 570 are now digitized by the British Library.


Optimistic Nihilism

Terrific graphics! By Kurzgesagt - In A Nutshell.

This is what happens on the airport

When there is a shortage of baggage handlers or when the planning is off.


What a good idea! BatBnB

I hate mosquito's and they love me. I don't like chemicals. So this is awesome, though I don't know if it would work in Amsterdam. I guess there aren't a lot of bats over here. BatBnB, a crowdfunding project.

Check it out on Indiegogo.


Jul 26, 2017

City of Dust: The Evolution of Burning Man

"This documentary is produced in conjunction with the exhibition "City of Dust: The Evolution of Burning Man". This exhibition explores the remarkable story of how the legendary Nevada gathering known as Burning Man evolved through collaborative ritual from humble countercultural roots on San Francisco’s Baker Beach into the world-famous desert convergence it is today."

De-Stress ... Say no ...

A nice article with 100 tips and tricks to de-stress.

The most important one for me: Say no. You can do anything, but not everything.

Others are:

- Peel an orange. Studies show the smell of citrus can help reduce stress. (didn't know)
- Eat an avocado. The monounsaturated fats and potassium in the superfood can lower blood pressure. (I like and I need)
Laugh (I can do that)
- Get a massage. (I want and I need)
- Belt it out at karaoke... (true)
- Have sex. (true)
- Unsubscribe from all of those promotional emails. (mm, I'm going to do this)
- Take an email vacation. (Bonus: It also makes you more productive.) (true, I do this in the weekends)
- Exercise. Research shows it helps boost the body’s ability to handle stress. (true, just started again)
- Walk the walk. Research shows if you carry yourself like a happy person, you’ll feel happier, too. (very true, doing it all the time)
- Chew gum. (didn't know this one, it makes sense though)
- Look into a less stressful job. (good one)
- Walk or bike to work. (hey, I live in Amsterdam ... bike)
- Get a plant for your house or your desk. (just got plants for my house)
- Let yourself have a good cry. (true)
- Eat some dark chocolate. (ofcourse ... mmmmm)
- Have an orgasm. (true)
- Dance it out. Not only does it reduce stress, it can also boost your memory. (Regularly. Next Saturday again)
- Sleep. Not only is it crucial to zapping stress, it’s key to your daily happiness. “When we’re exhausted, we drag ourselves through the day instead of enjoying the day,” HuffPost president and editor-in-chief Arianna Huffington once said. (this has always been a problem. I'm not good with sleep)
- De-clutter your home or your desk. (trying)
- Become a morning person. (Or at least embrace the morning.) (no way. I'm a night person)
- If you’re a smoker, quit. (I don't think that's going to happen)
- Use a little foul language (in the right company). (that's a relief)
- Make a silly face. (constantly)


Jul 21, 2017

Yeah! Coffee and Cigarettes

I rest my case.

Sketches from Coffee And Cigarettes by Jim Jarmusch.

Starring Steven Wright and Roberto Benigni:

Starring Iggy Pop and Tom Waits:


Hong Kong's vertical architecture - a drone video

An awesome drone video showing Hong Kong's vertical architecture.

Wěndìng Fánróng (left channel) from Mariana Bisti on Vimeo.


Pinkest Pink

How many times does he say Pink?! But i like! 'Inventing colors'.


Who doesn't love vintage posters

Eye candy. Vintage posters. Some of my favorites.

Movie posters from Ghana:

Early 20th-Century Japanese Ads for Beer, Smokes & Sake (1902-1954):

Belle Époque Art Posters: An Archive of Masterpieces from the “Golden Age of the Poster” (1880-1918) (200+ downloadable)

What happens when your phone gets stolen

A short movie by Anthony van der Meer.

"After my phone got stolen, I quickly realized just how much of my personal information and data the thief had instantly obtained. So, I let another phone get stolen. This time my phone was pre-programmed with spyware so I could keep tabs on the thief in order to get to know him. However, to what extent is it possible to truly get to know someone by going through the content of their phone?"

Playtime! - Song Lyrics Generator

Did you always want to write a song? Or do you just want to have some fun? Use the Song Lyrics Generator.

I did. I picked Village People, filled in a couple of fields ... et voila!

What Do You Want To Be R2D2?
By SylK's Playground
In the style of The Village People
Where can you find pleasure?
Search the world for treasure?
Where can you go away?
Make your dreams all come true?
Where can you use your brain?

In Amsterdam!
Yes, you can go away!
In Amsterdam!
Yes, you can use your brain!
In Amsterdam!
Come on now R2D2, make a stand.
In Amsterdam!

R2D2, go away.
I said, R2D2, use your brain.

It's awesome to think in Amsterdam.
It's awesome to think in Amsterdam.

They have bicycle,
You can go away.

It's awesome to think in Amsterdam.
It's awesome to think in Amsterdam.

They have brain,
You can use your brain.

R2D2, are you listening to me?
I said, R2D2, what do you want to be?
I said, R2D2, you can make real your dreams.
But you got to know this one thing:

I love you.


It's awesome to think in Amsterdam.
It's awesome to think in Amsterdam.

Polaroids in art

A short history of Polaroids in art. Long live the Polaroid camera.

Read the story here.

The rise of the machines

All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace, a documentary by Adam Curtis for BBC Television.

Jul 19, 2017

William P. Gottlieb, jazz photographer 1938 - 1948

Most of the iconic photo's of jazz musicians you recognize are from William P. Gottlieb, jazz photographer in the period 1938 - 1948.

You can see the William p. Gottlieb collection over here.

My favorite is the first one, Charlie Parker, Tommy Potter, and Max Roach (1947).


#foodporn 170 years ago

Food photography didn't start with Instagram. A short history of 170 years #foodporn.


Medina Dugger's view on ancient Nigerian braiding traditions

An ancient tradition brought alive again by Lagos based photographer Medina Dugger. Awesome!

Pay attention also on the clothes. Beautiful fabrics.