Apr 30, 2009

Emilie Simon 'En Cendres' (music-drawing)

Happy Queensday 2009

They say he was layed off ... as so many of us ...

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Dan & naD 'A Palindromic Sketch'

It's the same backwards as it is forwards.

Child Pornographers Should Be Hung by Their Balls

Commercial from ecpat, a French organization which fights child pornography.

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Flu Pandemic Of 1918

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Bob Dylan 'Beyond Here Lies Nothin''

Dylan uses a slideshow of photographer Bruce Davidson's "Brooklyn Gang" collection, shot in that borough over the summer of '59.

Madison Avenue Cookware

Hello!!! Wake up!!! We're living in 2009 now!!!

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Apr 29, 2009

Red House Furniture

WTF??!! I'm green and I love the Red House ... :$

A Virtual Minefield (Norwegian People Aid)

Very complicated but nice. Let people feel how it is living in a mine field. Mm, it would be handy to get a warning via sms or projection when you in fact are living in a mine field

A Virtual Minefield from veggenmin.no on Vimeo.


This is one terrific stencil artist, browse his portfolio and be amazed ...

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MediaEvent T’s …

I would like to have a subscription on these. Skyskraper decided to launch monthly a limited edition range of MediaEvent T's. This month: swine flu

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Apr 27, 2009

High Blood Pressure

This is a japanese commercial, very funny, to warn against high blood pressure

World Water Day

A Look Back: 15 Vintage Household Ads

These are so funny!

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Get Your Swine Flu Shot!

Swine fly ads from 1976

Novak Djokovic in Head.com ad

I don't know much about tennis, but Novak Djokovic seems to be third on the worlds list, okay, nice to know. But I like this ad, it's funny. Not something you expect from a high placed tennis player.

Siftables by Taco Lab

Here they are again, the Siftables, I love them.


Siftables are independent, compact devices with sensing, graphical display, and wireless communication. They can be physically manipulated as a group to interact with digital information and media. Siftables provides a new platform and OS on which to implement tangible, visual and mobile applications."

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Concept Space

Blog by Umur Ozkul. You can call him a lot of things, but definitely also a computer engineer. For geeks only :)

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Apr 20, 2009

The Brain Twitter Interface


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Dancing In The Cydershed (A Little Story From Norwich)

No image this time, but a very sweet and sad short story from an unfortunately still unknown dutch writer, Albert Van Der Steeg

Dancing in the Cydershed

When there's live-music in the Cydershed most of the times 2 girls show up. They are both slim, don't really resemble eachother but could be sisters because of what they do.
They both have the ability to dance on less than a square meter. Their arms are bended next to the body and their feet go up and down only a bit so they hardly bend their knees.
These moves reminds me of blackbirds tripping on the ground to lure worms to come up.
Nobody is bothered by them and they are not bothered by anyone. It's a wordless enjoyment they have next to eachother.

It was a bit of a shock for regular visitors to see a new pair of dancers on this saturday-night.
In the beginning it was only the woman having her way of dancing. She was dressed in black, had a pair of boots of which a Hell's Angel would have been envious of.
It was obvious that she made a lot of work to her appearance, was wearing her best dress and even had her hair done with curlers. Her face reminded me of a recent picture of Mickey O'Rourke. Only difference: she had no plastic surgeon to give the blame.
And there were a lot of kilo's extra where they were not needed.

She had a drink in her hands all the time. I didn't notice her buying anything or receiving either. And the beer had a different colour every time I had a look at her.
The later in the evening the more wild her movements became, she was dancing like a girl of 18 on an open air festival under the sun. And it was obvious that she thought she looked pretty good tonight and that she was a gifted dancer.

Next to the bar was what later appeared to be her partner. He was in his eight month of pregnancy. His belly was hardly hidden by what maybe had been a white t-shirt in better days. He kept blocking the entrance of the space behind the bar. So placing an order was pretty hard because I had to communicate from behind that huge belly.
The barmaid wanted to pass and he held his breath and he gave her a sort of smile.
She was too clever for him and ordered him out of the way completely. Unwilling he did this. He moaned at me that the band wasn't really Irish. "Big deal", I thought and I said: "And I'm not really English". After hearing that I am Dutch he knew I was from Amsterdam. I accepted this immediately to escape the smell of his soury breath and took our drinks back to our seats.

The woman in black had a melancholy look at our full glasses, left my seat and began her moves again. While I protected my feet by putting them as far under my chair, my wife told me that she had a quarrell with the horrible lady. She didn't want to leave my seat at all cost. Not even when she got some beer thrown over her head.
I looked at her hair but I didn't see a difference. I did see that she had a new beer in her hand, a full glass! And I was sure it wasn't mine.
The band stopped playing; the singer refused to sing without having a beer. It should have been there!
Meekly the black borrower gave him the glass and the show went on.

The pregnant man had joined what should be a dance and I feared for his life or a premature birth. They got more and more space because the crowd backed away from the scene from fear of damage on toes or losing their drinks. His dancing was mostly done by his hands, the movement looked like a helicopter taking off.
Now and again her big bum threatened to throw me from my chair so I decided to sit sideways to be able to survive this all.

A taxi-driver came in and it was obvious that he came for the couple. There was a big sigh and everybody losened up a bit. But...they came back, the taxi was sent away!
So we had to endure this Dirty Dancing for yet another 3 songs. The driver came in again and now they went. Both a bit insecure on their legs. The other visitors took normal positions again.
The couple looked back a bit regretful, knowing that they really were going now.
But I could tell that they had enjoyed the best evening since years.


As I read everywhere, one of the easiest online presenting tools right now

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Mahesh Murthy On The Basics Of Marketing Your Startup

Apr 19, 2009

Apr 16, 2009

Robert Crumb

One of my favorites. Terrific drawing & terrific sense of humour. Did you know he played the banjo?

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Apr 15, 2009

Frank Warren 'Post Secret'

Nice art project. Put your secret anonymously on the back of a postcard

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DIY online advertising. Don't know much about it. But it seems handy.

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NOM - Gathering Storm (commercial)

I know what they're saying, but I don't understand them. I thought it was a spoof. But it isn't. After watching it a couple of times I want to through up

Honda 'Keep Doing' (commercial)

Cute & to the point

Wieden + Kennedy London

The Zimbabwean Campaign

The Zimbabwean, a news paper run by journalists in exile. Posters printed on real money, worth nothing. Posters / Billboards are in South Africa

TBWA Hunt Lascaris

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Is This Your Luggage (website)

This is nice, one of the jewels you will find surfing the digital highway. 'Lost' luggage is being photographed. Trying to find the owners :)

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The Power Of Viagra (ad)

I like simple & direct ... I had to smile :)

Agency: Talent Creative, Kuwait
Creative & artwork: Saif el Degwi

Alec Soth Photography

Magnum photographer ... terrific!!

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VTM 'In Search Of Maria'

Another T-Mobile et cetera rip off ...

Apr 9, 2009

Apr 5, 2009

Sexy Ironing Board (commercial)

No ... the commercial can be sensual, but definitely not the ironing board itself :)

This is the commercial for the new HOMZ 360, the sensual ironing board

Wilkinson (commercial)

Okay, I don't like 'symbolic' commercials for female shaving gear, tampons et cetera.
But this, I don't know ... they allow this commercial but ban the Lactacyd commercial :(

Little Red Ridinghood (infographics)

Wow!! This looks terrific and on top of it a lot of information.

School assignment to reinterpret the fairytale Little red riding hood.
Inspired by Röyksopps Remind me.

Slagsmålsklubben - Sponsored by destiny from Tomas Nilsson on Vimeo.
Music: Slagsmålsklubben, Sponsored by destiny
Animation: Tomas Nilsson

Apr 3, 2009

'seductive' advertising

I was listening to the radio on my way to work. This was one of the news items. They're thinking of creating a law against 'seductive' commercials / ads et cetera. What that means is, they want commercials / ads that don't show things seductively. Because when they do, you want to buy the products and perhaps lend money to buy them.

Uhm ... I miss something here ... isn't that the whole purpose of commercials / ads et cetera???



This is funny. A viral that seems to be a fake viral but isn't


This is fun. Wikirank: Who's more popular or What's more popular on Wikipedia

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Apr 2, 2009

The Egg Republic (NY)

And another nice one. An agency in NY. Nice site!!!!

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Can you go into a plane with this. Am I allowed to walk with it on the streets. Is this a legal weapon????


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Wong Kar Wai's 'Happy Together' + The Whitest Boy Alive's 'Island'

Wong Kar Wai's 'Happy Together' meshed with indie Berlin band The Whitest Boy Alive's 'Island', the first track from their 2009 album Rules

Cartelle Interactive Studio

Terrific. Click below for website and be sure to 'play with the toys'. Have fun!!

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Apr 1, 2009

Label54 (online shop)

A very good online shop if you like fashion. Nice shirts, easy to navigate, a lot of trendy brands

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I can make a lot of remarks on this one, but I won't ...

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UNKLE 'Heaven' (music video)


''Heaven' was used in the acclaimed skate film Fully Flared directed by Spike Jonze and Ty Evans. The collaboration inspired the directors to take footage and re-edit a sequence of shots that shows the Lakai skateboarding team demonstrating their considerable skills as they navigate through and around various exploding obstacles. With 'Heaven' as the musical backdrop, the resulting marriage of sound to picture is quite extraordinary.'