Dec 31, 2013

Mini Gymkhana

A tribute to Ken Block. The best tribute someone can ever get.

HPI presents the tribute to Ken Block:

The original Ken Block:

Dec 30, 2013

Head Walk

Upside down selfies in the streets of Paris. French photographer Patrice Letarnac takes selfies wearing different outfits and walking on his hands.


Pervitin - The Wonder Drug

New video by Die Krupps 'Nazis Auf Speed'. Pervitin was the wonder drug of the Nazi's. Fortunately the video starts with the statement that Die Krupps are against Fascism and drugs.

My Operating System

My operating system is coffee. Like!

You can buy it here for $ 13.98.

Yes ... I Could Also Live Here

NY ofcourse, the Lafayette Street Townhouse. For rent right now, for a mere $ 80.000 a month. Beyonce's video for Halo was shot here. I would pick different furniture though.


Dec 29, 2013

Protect Yourself

Chemical warfare protection in the past.


I Could Live Here

This house in Japan isn't big, it's 78sqm, but I love it. I'm going to move back to Amsterdam. Anyone knows about a small vacant lot over there?


A Long ... Long ... Time Ago ...

Believe it or not but a long long time ago I was in a shell too. Painfully shy. As Frank Ze says sometimes it's necessary. Perhaps. But perhaps it will never disappear. You find a way to deal with it. My shyness was (is) a combination between very low self esteem and not understanding 'others'. I walked around constantly asking myself 'WTF am I doing here'? The moment I realized that I couldn't go on like that, I think I was about 13 or 14, I thought by myself: Okay I'm never ever going to be a model, so I need to be smart and funny. I started reading ... a lot. Up will now I have a ridiculous huge level of curiosity. Curiosity killed the cat? Perhaps.

Like A Boss!

Roy Repp rocks his bucking Buick. Nailed it! Early extreme sports.


Humor In Photography

Zack Seckler rocks! Best photography with a touch of humor ever.


Shipping Container Structures Of 2013

Designboom created the Top 10 Shipping Container Structures Of 2013. My favorite home construction. Rectangular, flexible. First thing I would 'buy' if I win the lottery.

And The Color Of The Year Is ...

... PANTONE 18-3224 Radiant Orchid. Says Pantone.

Twins By Martin Schoeller

One of my favorite portrait photographers Martin Schoeller made this series of twins. And yes ... they look alike.

[Martin Schoeller is represented by AUGUST, in the Netherlands represented by Reporters NL.]


I Can't Wait!!!!!

Coming in 2014, the new VICE baby, VICE News! Subscribe on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook ...

Bike Anarchy

The Streetfighterz Ride Of The Century 2013. Cool! Can you imagine bumping into this group while driving your car?

Japanese Mercedes Commercial

An awesome Mercedes A-Class anime style commercial from Japan.

Old Fashioned Grocery List

Seeing this I'm a bit sad that I use my mobile now. Michelangelo's illustrated grocery list. A pearl.


Screaming Women

I don't speak Spanish. The first I read Mujeres Creando I thought it meant Screaming Women. It does not, it means Creating Women. But Screaming Women would fit them too.

Mujeres Creando is a collective from Bolivia, anarcho-feminists for over 20 years. How inspiring is that! Real women.


(free) No woman was born to fuck only

"Based in La Paz, artist collective Mujeres Creando employ a variety of tactics and media to engage the public in their feminist movement. For more than two decades, the collective have promoted solidarity through zines, public performance, protests, and events hosted at their café."

Literature vs Sleeping Habits

Ever wondered about the link between writers and their sleep habits? Here it is. A study about it.


Coloring Book For Art Lovers

Why is it that I simply cannot color a book like this? When I was young I didn't have this color-block. Is it because this coloring book costs me money? Is it because the knowledge that these artists are expensive? Is it because of the stupid rule 'don't touch'? Wish I was young again and able to draw outside the lines.

via. You can buy it here.

Mr Bean The Conductor

Is it still allowed to post something to do with Christmas? Hilarious.