Jan 27, 2015

D.A.F. Says Goodbye

Auf Wiedersehen Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft. D.A.F. calls it quits and announces farewell tour. Remember?


People Are Stupid ... As Proven On Jimmy Kimmel Live

Most used password 1 2 3. 1 Minute of fame and people tell you everything. Shall I laugh, shall I cry (no, already did that), shall I get angry.

Epic Paintings Of Mosh Pits

Normally I don't like realistic paintings. But this I love. Artist Dan Witz paints hyper realistic mosh pits. You can almost feel it. Wonderful!


Okay ... Now I'm Crying ... A Very Brave Man

His Finest Moment, what a brave man. Compliments Faris Khalifa. Agree, backpain is accepted, brainpain isn't. Let's get rid of the stigma on mental illness. And btw Faris Khalifa, you're one of the coolest persons ever! You can follow him on Twitter @Faz_Khalifa.

Read, watch and share.

People With No Sense Of Direction

The title appeals to me. Monty Python sketch about the Olympic Games in Muenich. Still funny.

Jan 26, 2015

AMPL Smartbag - I Need! [UPDATE]

Update: They will be launching on Indiegogo very soon. They won't cost $300 at that point!

I definitely need this backpack. It looks good and it's very functional. Battery, usb charging ports, an app. Costs? $ 300,--. A lot, but reasonable.


AMPL Smart Backpack from AMPL Labs on Vimeo.

Leatherman Tread Multitool

The new Leatherman Tread Multitool looks awesome! I mean the bracelet, I don't like the watch. A very tough bracelet with a lot of functional tools. Ideal! For men and women.


Rick Owen's Dick Fashion [NSFW]

It's all over the media, Rick Owen's fashion show which showed the dicks of the models.

I just have one question ... why?
- Don't models wear underwear?
- Is it the new fashion?
- Is it a fashion statement?
- Is it the intention to get the attention off the fashion


Arkadin 'Valhalla' by Virgile Texier

Very nice video created by Virgile Texier for Arkadin's 'Valhalla'.

In Residence - The Home Of Fernando Romero

Wow! Speechless. In Residence: Fernando Romero, a series on Nowness on homes of architect, designers.

Concrete Is The New Black

I bought myself a kitchen last week, never did this before. Scary shit! And expensive. To be honest, I've made it expensive. I took one of the most expensive worktops, concrete. I instantly fell in love with it. The rest of the kitchen seemed less important to me after seeing and feeling it. Now I have to wait 2 months. That long??!! Yes, because of the worktop.

A friend did send me this, concrete lamps (thanks Esther) by Axel and Serge Van den Bossche. Very minimalistic, very grey, very nice. Who knows! Perhaps for the living / dining room.



Sleevebucks takes the mermaid on the Starbucks coffee cup sleeves and create much cuter characters.


Business Town!

Business Town! Awesome project, ongoing. Richard Scarry illustrations as data-driven characters.

Musicless Fight For Your Right

Best ever musicless version, Fight For Your Right by the Beastie Boys.

Jan 21, 2015

Looking For A Tattoo Design

Yes, I'm going to give myself a present. A tattoo. Decided for a black one, geometrical or line. Outside arm + shoulder. Any suggestions?

It must 'fit' me, have a meaning to me.

Stumbled upon this one by Dots To Lines:

Jan 20, 2015

After The Ball (1897) - The First Adult Movie

WTF is this woman throwing over the back of the naked woman?????

Apartamento's Wes Anderson

Apartamento has in its latest issue an article about the interiors of the Wes Anderson films. Nacho Alegre, director and co-founder of Apartamento: “I imagine in a movie the time you have to describe a character is limited, so using the interiors to do so probably becomes something of a necessity.”

Wes Anderson Yellow, the color of 2015.


What Do You Think Your Country Does Best?

If you're in Europe, what do you think your country does best? Least noisy housing? Highest cork production? I expected something else with the Netherlands where I live.


iPhone 6 In Space ... ...

Send an iPhone 6 into the stratosphere and see if it will survive ... No, I'm not going to tell if it did ... or not.

Jan 19, 2015

West African Carneval

Phyllis Galembo studied for 20 years the culture of masquerade in West Africa. Looks much better than the carneval 'ritual' here in the Netherlands.


Vivian Maier 8mm Films

Vivian Maier is well known for her street photography. But in the seventies she also experimented with 8mm film. And again you see the way she saw people around her.


Aposematic Jacket

'Aposematic Jacket' by Shinseungback Kimyonghun, is a wearable camera for self-defense. It's terrible to get mugged, but I don't think I'm going to wear something like this, only because it can happen. Cool technique though. Perhaps for uniforms? Detectives?


Aposematic Jacket from Shinseungback Kimyonghun on Vimeo.

No Manspreaders & Nail-clippers Please!

Can they please roll this campaign worldwide??!! This is the new MTA courtesy campaign, New York. No grooming, no dancing, no backpacks.


Millo Murals

Millo is from Italy and a mural artist ... huge murals ... giant very detailled storytelling murals. I like!