Mar 31, 2011

Woodkid 'Iron'

Woodkid, 'Iron' from the EP 'Iron'.
Video directed by Yoann Lemoine.

Woodkid - Iron from WOODKID on Vimeo.

Three Big Pigs

The revolutionary movements of the Middle East, explained by the cast of the game Angry Birds in a retro-animation cartoon set to the tune of the Three Little Pigs.

MozART Group

MozART Group: We exist despite the sober formality of great concert halls, despite the boredom of classical musicians' life, despite fanatic lovers of classical music, despite fans of rock, rap or pop who are afraid of classical music. We treat our Muse with a humorous irony and we're sure, she will have nothing against it!"

Jonathan Bergeron aka Johnny Crap

3 New ink drawings at Johnny Crap's shop (Jonathan Bergeron).

Learn To Speak Body: Tape 5 & BodyVox Dance Co. present a language instructional video. But instead of Bosnian or Burmese, this teaches the grammatical intricacies of body language. Yes, in just a few easy lessons you too can learn to speak body just like humans do.

Footage From The Deep - Siphonophores brings you stories about the unexpected world of animals. In this episode, Dr. Phil Pugh talks about studying jellyfish that cannot be collected in nets, and about his first times seeing live ones. These jellyfish are called siphonophores.

CreatureCast - Footage From The Deep from Casey Dunn on Vimeo.

'Re: Your Brains' By Jonathan Coulton

Music video for 'Re: Your Brains' by Jonathan Coulton. Video by Moontalk Productions.

Britney Spears In Jackass 3

Britney Spears deleted scene from Jackass 3.

Ilan Hamra

Photographer from Germany: Ilan Hamra.

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200 Year Old Love Letter

"“A 200-year-old love letter has been found in the arm of a chair at a furniture upholsterers in Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England. The note, written in French, was in the chair bought in a house clearance in France."

"“The translated letter:

“‘My dear small love, do not be worried, do you seriously believe I would tell anything to these people, who don’t understand anything about love?

“‘If someone insists that I say something, it will be anything but the dear love acquired by you, which is the great treasure hidden in my heart.

“‘I didn’t tell you to come yesterday because I didn’t have the opportunity, but do come every Tuesday around 5:30, and Fridays as well; I count/hope on you tomorrow.

“‘At the moment I write this letter, I can hear my aunt yelling, who else annoys us all day long, today and tomorrow.

“”My dear, I cover you with kisses and caresses until… I need you in this moment of desire. I love you.”"

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Passion Pit 'The Reeling'

The Reeling: from Passion Pit's debut LP: Manners.

Passion Pit - The Reeling from phantomcolor on Vimeo.

Mar 30, 2011

Google +1

Now you can "like" what you search.

Now you can add your own seal of approval to your Google search results with the new +1 feature, introduced by the brand today. By voting +1 on a result, users can show their contacts in Gmail, Google Reader, G-chat and eventually Twitter which results they found helpful. Each result will show which of a user's contacts gave it a +1. Google also plans to expand the feature beyond search to various sites across the web.

The Lost Beatles Photographs

The lost Beatles photographs by Larry Marion.

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Charles Bukowski's Fax Poem

Charles Bukowski's last, unpublished poem and The Bestial Wail.

"On Friday, February 18, 1994, at 2:14 PM - eighteen days before his death - Charles Bukowski, America's poet laureate of society's fringe, sent to his publisher, John Martin of Black Sparrow Press, via FAX, what would be his last poem.


oh, forgive me For Whom the Bell Tolls,
oh, forgive me Man who walked on water,
oh, forgive me little old woman who lived in a shoe,
oh, forgive me the mountain that roared at midnight,
oh, forgive me the dumb sounds of night and day and death,
oh, forgive me the death of the last beautiful panther,
oh, forgive me all the sunken ships and defeated armies,
this is my first FAX POEM.
It's too late:
I have been

We wondered about it and asked John Martin for insight."

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Touch The Rainbow

New Skittles commercials. Put your finger on the screen and touch the rainbow.

Advertising Agency: BBDO, Toronto, Canada

Children By Steve McCurry

The career of Steve McCurry "was launched when, disguised in native garb, he crossed the Pakistan border into rebel-controlled Afghanistan just before the Russian invasion. When he emerged, he had rolls of film sewn into his clothes of images that would be published around the world as among the first to show the conflict there."

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Inner City 4th Graders Share Their Stories

"Two years ago, Judy Gelles was volunteering at an inner city public school and was assigned to a fourth-grade class. The school was as diverse as they come with children from African American, Hispanic and Asian immigrants. After several months of helping the students with their reading skills, she felt the need to connect with them on a deeper level. Mostly, she wanted to find out their stories.

She asked each student the following three questions:
Whom do they live with?
What do they wish for?
What do they worry about?"

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100% Recycled Ads

New Nike commercial, NikeBetterWorld, by Wieden + Kennedy Portland.

"Our mission is to make the world better through sport. This film is made from 100% recycled ads."

25 Years Of Pixar

25 Years of Pixar animation. View list of movies on YouTube info with video.

Leave It To The Stupid Experts

Shotting machetes with a slingshot. Yeah ... I've been waiting for this. + Bonus.

The World’s Largest Indoor Photo

"The world's largest indoor photo is 40 gigapixels. Taken by photographer and founder of 360cities Jeffrey Martin, the humongous 360-degree photo is actually 2,947 photos digitally stitched together and shows the 18th-century library inside the Strahov Monastery in Prague."

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Amazing Secret Dome Underneath UK Lake

"Like something out the evil lair of a steampunk Bond villain, this amazing glass and iron dome has been quietly sitting underneath a lake in Surrey, England for nearly 100 years. The stuff of urban legends, the massive dome was intended as a billiard room, though it has come to be known as “the ballroom under the lake.”

The dome was part of a sprawling 9,000 acre palatial estate at Witley Park built by the immensely rich J. Whitaker Wright, whose downfall was almost as spectacular as his mansion."

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deviantArt Sucks

You probably know deviantArt. This website, deviantArt Sucks picks the baddest entrees.

"If you ask me a question, I will make fun of your assured mental handicaps publicly."

Nations Of The World

Wacko sings the (incomplete) countris of the World.

Clay Yourself

Create a clay avatar of yourself at Clay Yourself.

Blank City: The No Wave Years

Blank City: The No Wave Years
Steve Buscemi and Vincent Gallo in a Documentary About New York's DIY Film Scene.

"Steve Buscemi reminisces on the improvisational roots of his movie debut, Eric Mitchell’s The Way It Is, in today's exclusive clip from Celine Danhier’s Blank City. Focusing on the mid-70s and 80s No Wave movement in New York, Danhier’s new documentary paints a vivid portrait of the underground scene through interviews with its most notable fixtures: John Waters, Jim Jarmusch, Amos Poe, Vivienne Dick, and John Lurie among them."

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Blank City: The No Wave Years on

The Bicycle City

“What happens to an impoverished developing nation town when you flood it with 20,000 bicycles? You lift three times that number of people out of poverty. Pedals for Progress and founder David Schweidenback have been shipping used American bicycles to Rivas, Nicaragua for the last two decades and the transformation has been incredible.​” The Bicycle City.

The Bicycle City. Trailer from Greg Sucharew on Vimeo.


Escape Machine


DDB Paris created this simple, fun “Escape Machine” experience for the French travel company Voyages SNCF.

Menacing, glowing black cubes wait till someone goes close enough. Then the cube asks where the person would like to travel. Pushing the red button produces a crazy celebration, complete with gigantic walking kisses, and provides the wishers large, customized mock tickets to their destination. Watching the faces of the onlookers is just as much fun as the experience itself!

Escape Machines - Surprise from The Cool Hunter on Vimeo.


Commercial by Young & Rubicam Paris for Surfrider: Clumsy. Picking up trash is something anyone can do.

Mar 29, 2011

The Best Of The Lost Bronx Zoo’s Cobra’s Twitter

Terrific. The lost Bronx Zoo's Cobra is in NY, twittering. And believe me, it's funny.

You can follow it here.


Extreme Sheep Herding

New Olympic Sports? Extreme sheep herding?


Cloud Girlfriend creates a virtual girlfriend for you (why not boyfriend). You can have a relationship on your favorite social network. Again ... Why? Why would you want to have a virtual girlfriend? Perhaps April Fools?! (site is still not working ... you can leave your email address though :) ...)


Sing-Along ... All Together Now

Classic Monty Python sing-along: Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life ... fff fff fff (sorry, I can't whistle).

Bieber vs Slipknot

Bieber vs Slipknot ... who wins?!

World Order

Like! Like! Hats off.

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"No animals were harmed in the making of this video.
Don't harm animals, dummy."

Dogboarding from DANIELS on Vimeo.

Will Ferrell Bloopers

Bloopers of comedy actor Will Ferrell.

Ode To Dr Seuss

Who doesn't love Dr Seuss.

"Oustide the New York Public Library stood a 26-ft tall by 40-ft wide display that spelled out the word "Read." The installation was made up of 25,000 Dr. Seuss books and was created for the program Read Across America. David Stark designed and built the massive display in honor of Dr. Seuss’ birthday."

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ECOSSE Moto Works, Inc.

Nice! Ecosse Moto Works.


Casey Heynes fights back finally.

Marcel Duchamp

Marcel Duchamp interviews, 1966.

Metro Surfing In Russia

Russia's deadly extreme sports: metro surfing.

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Copy Paste

Copy your status on Facebook.


Song Of The Day

Disasteradio with Gravy Rainbow.

Worse Than Bieber

Hitler, Justin Bieber and Rebecca Black.

Fit To Fly With Richard Simmons

Richard Simmons and Air New Zealand - In-Flight Safety Video.

Alfa 159 Rorschach

TV Commercial for Alfa Romeo 'Rorschach' by Drori Shlomi BBDO.


Gaka, a 16-piece band from Japan, with their video Tsuchinoko. They colaborated with VJ directing team Rakudasan and performing group Maimuima.

0 Gravity

0 Gravity by Andrew Juano.

Vancouver Film School, 3d Animation & VFX.

The main challenge: to float the guy without wire.

0 Gravity from AndrewJuano on Vimeo.

Mar 28, 2011

Accidental Sex

MTV Germany ads: 'Sex is no accident. Always use a condom'.


New Tsunami Video, Japan

Tsunami ravaging Kesennuma port. How many times you look at this. It stays creepy. Almost surreal.

The Billion-Bug Highway

The billion-bug highway you can't see.

Look Up! The Billion-Bug Highway You Can't See from NPR on Vimeo.

Fred Einaudi

Paintings by Fred Einaudi.


Facebook HQ

Very cool place to work.

Facebook HQ is a part of MTV’s Diary series.

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The Music Box

Cool place!

From the film "Welcome Home" The Music Box is a story of a kid, in search for a new apartment rental, who comes across a place that has actually chosen him. When a place speaks to you, you have no other choice but to play along with the tune :).

Angry Birds - The Movie

Angry Birds: The Movie, trailer.

In A Window

In A Window by Julio Bittencourt.

"Julio Bit­ten­court was born in Brazil, grew up in São Paulo and spent his ado­les­cence in New York. In 2000 he began his career at the photo depart­ment of Valor Eco­nom­ico, the major finan­cial pub­li­ca­tion in Brazil where he worked as a staff pho­tog­ra­pher and as assistant-​​editor for four years."

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