Dec 29, 2008

'Evil Dead the Musical'

Sorry ... but I couldn't stop laughing ...

Saatchi & Saatchi,Toronto

Y&R Singapore (ad agency)

Art Director: Scott McClelland

Art Director: Ted Royer

Robert Frank 'Richistan ' (book)

Interview with the writer Robert Frank about his book 'Richistan'. He's explaining the way of living of the 'new rich' in the States.

I'm Back

As you probably already noticed ... or not :).
Living in Amstelveen now, still between the boxes. Still with no internet (Thank you KPN) but a web'n'walk Stick, a bit slow, but it's okay.
And ofcourse disaster after disaster. Toilet is stuck now. Had to buy a new central heating kettle. Oven doesn't work correctly. Backproblems because of all the lifting and moving boxes around. And ... December 31st last day with Corbis. Have to find myself a new job, single mother of 49 (don't laugh).

Look at it positively. Now I have time in january to work more on the blog.

Lighted Full Page Magnifier

Okay, okay, there's something to say in favor of efficiency. And personally I'm not that vain. But no way, over my dead body, you will see me reading a book like this

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Dec 12, 2008

Another Icon Died

In 1955 she posed nude in Playboy. She died thursday night in LA.

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