May 31, 2012

Naive New Beaters 'Jersey'

Hilarious video for 'Jersey' by Naive New Beaters.

Alma Flamenca

"Pieces of wood, love, knowledge and 299 hours of work, condensed in a 3 minute film. The new episode from the series ‘The Art of Making’, titled ‘Alma Flamenca’, is available for you to enjoy."

Directed & VFX - Spiros Rasidakis, Dimitris Ladopoulos
Director of photography - Nikos Mexis
Editing - Yiannis Kostavaras
Sound design - Nikos Tsines
Guitarist & composer - Edsart Udo De Haes
Guitar maker - Vassilis Lazarides

Google Street View In Music Video

Official video for 'Chemin Vert' of electronic musician A Ghost Train. The video was made using panoramic frames from Google Street View from different parts of the world mapped as stereographic projections. Mesmerizing!

Darth L. Jackson

Watch ... uhm ... hear Samuel L. Jackson as Darth Vader. Very good. No ... better.

May 30, 2012


iBath, the iPhone iPad i..... shower curtain.


Nintendo Game Boy Watch

The Nintendo Game Boy Watch. As far as I can see it also shows the time.


Pantone Beachwear

Add some color to your beachwear this summer.


Bad Mother Fucker Wallet

Cool Bad Mother Fucker wallet as seen in Pulp Fiction.


Neighbors Doormat

A definite want!


Zombie Garden Gnomes

I like garden gnomes ... but these ones I love! How cool is this!


Epic Paintball

Best Paintball war ever.

Creating Trouble

 Again a to the point cartoon by The Gaping Void.

Kanye West& Jay-Z 'No Church In The Wild'

Music video by Jay-Z & Kanye West performing No Church In The Wild feat. Frank Ocean & The-Dream.

May 27, 2012

Women On The Internet - From Myth To Majority

Flyers By Keith Haring

A series of flyers by Keith Haring from the 1980s and 1990s.


A Look Back At Maidenform Bra Ads

In the 1950s and '60s the Maidenform bra print ads featured a woman wearing her underwear in public doing something different each time. The copy always read: "I dreamed I (insert the relevant activity) . . . in my Maidenform bra."


Look For The Man Who Makes The Difference

Vintage Masonite ad.


Our Brains Are Similar To The Brains Of Cockroaches

By dissecting a cockroach ... yes, live on stage ... TED Fellow and neuroscientist Greg Gage shows how brains receive and deliver electric impulses, and how legs can respond.

The Internet Defense League

I joined ofcourse.

The Internet Defense League is a network dedicated to spreading the alarm whenever the Internet is threatened by bad laws or monopolies. League members (including Laughing Squid) will receive alerts whenever an Internet threat is identified. Members will have the option of posting alert banners, calls to action, and other interventions on their websites. By broadcasting through member sites, the league will be able to spread the alarm quickly and widely. The Internet Defense League was created by Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian and Fight for the Future. For more info on the league see this article on Forbes.


Surreal Anatomical Digital Manipulations

Modische Atlas der Anatomie is a 2002 series of surreal photographic digital manipulations by Netherlands-based artist and photographer Koen Hauser.


Chappo 'Hell No'

The official video for Chappo's 'Hell No' ... with talking boobies.

Fake Trailer

This is so cool!

This is not a trailer for a real film. Bill Murray was kind enough to grant them their wish of walking down the hallway in slow motion.

Dream Cleaners

Artie and Rex are professional Dream Cleaners. A night out on the job takes a turn south when Rex goofs off and causes their Dream Cleaning truck to malfunction. Now the dreams of their target, a young kid, start spilling into reality.

The Blind Photographer

The Blind Photographer is an intriguing short movie. It focuses on a photographer who goes to unusual lengths to capture unprompted pictures of homeless people. To use his own words he wants his pictures to be “not gloomy staged or posed but spontaneous and full of joy”.

The Blind Photographer was made by Christian Denslow.


Spacesuit Ballet

This video features archival NASA footage of mobility tests for several spacesuit prototypes. Music is from the band One Ring Zero's album "Planets".

May 26, 2012

Urban Oasis

Richard Vantielcke's "Urban Oasis" is a series of photographs documenting the fluorescent-lit grocery stores immersed in the darkness of the Parisian night.


Epic Slinky

A slinky on a treadmill. Hypnotizing!

New From Escif

New wall from Escif in Melilla, Spain/Morocco.


Aston Martin DB7 Transformed Into A Zagato

OMG! Why am I not loaded with money!

"built by UK-based bespoke auto producers evanta motor company to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the aston martin zagato,
the 'DB4 GT zagato evocation' is actually a modern, V12-engine DB7 car that has been converted to resemble the iconic zagato."


X-Men With Googly Eyes

Again a very funny Tumblr blog: X-Men With Googly Eyes. As the creator Googlinator says: Uncanny. Astonishing. Googly. Check it out.

Turn Child Drawings Into Reality

Nice project by Yeondoo Jung, a Korean photographer. He took crayon drawings made by 5-7 year olds and reproduced these in his 'Wonderland'.


Friends 'Mind Control'

Friends with 'Mind Control' from the album 'Manifest!'.