Mar 17, 2018

Meet Masha Ivashintsova (1942−2000)

How sad that up till now we never could enjoy her work. A treasure, found by her daughter Asya.

See for youself here.

Read more here.

Rapping the news with Lady Slyke

Lady Slyke is Uganda's rapping news anchor. Yo!

Samsung QLED

Looks nice. More usefull as a regular tv, the Samsung QLED.


Porcelain cans

These crushed porcelain cans are made by the artist Lei Xue.


Steve Jobs’ Half-Assed Job Application Sells for $174,000

And that's a lot of money for a half filled in form.


Will machines replace humans?

Very interesting TED talk by Daniel Susskind.


Literal Meanings of Country Names

Someone took the names of each country in the native language and found the original meaning of each name.

Zoomable full map here
Research here



I could live here

Easy. Wow! Indeed a jaw dropper.

Architect/Designer: Lily Jencks Studio
Architect/Designer: Nathanael Dorent Architecture
Architect of Record: SAVILLS – Michael Leybourne