Nov 29, 2013

Ze Plane ... Ze Plane ...

Very nice! The boy in the billboard knows when a British Airways plane flies over. Digital magic!

Nov 28, 2013

Homage To Braun

For a show celebrating the Braun designs more than 30 creative studio's submitted posters: Braun systems.



Mark Gowling


Tom Hingston

New Journey ... Yes We Can

Obama travels to Iran to meet Hassan Rohani. After this visit a video is published on the website of Hassan Rohani: "New Journey".

Remember "Yes We Can"? The Will.I.Am video to promote Obama. Watch both. Coincidence?

Can you imagine Obama having tea with Rohani telling him to create a video like Will.I.Am to promote himself. Showing the video on his iPad, sending Rohani the YouTube link. If of course YouTube is allowed in Iran. Probably only for the few.

To freshen up your memory:

Cosmetic Surgery In 1650

Life was so simpel in 1650. Was your wife ugly? Just bring her over to a windmill.


Styleful And Functional

Pengallan's Genius Gloves: Styleful and functional, what do you want more. I like!


Better ... But Still Not Perfect

This is the Adorne Pop-Out Outlet. Much better than the ones we have now worldwide. Still visible, so not perfect.

Your Car As A Turntable

Driving music reinvented by Volkswagen (GTI) and Underworld. It synchronises your driving and the music via an app. It's cool, but I don't know if it's that safe.

Nov 27, 2013

Auto Aerobics

Very good use of cars. Auto aerobics by Chris LaBrooy. Bodypump, loud music, flex, low impact, high impact. Coooooooooool down.

Nov 23, 2013

It's Time To Change

Very cool commercial. Good initiative

"GoldieBlox, a women-led toy company, released a commercial online Sunday meant to inspire young girls and challenge gender stereotypes around engineering. Less than a week later, over 7 million people have watched it on YouTube and the ad has taken mainstream media by storm."

Vote here.

New Prada Film

This time Prada teamed up with Wes Anderson. Italy, September 1955.

Nov 22, 2013

Move Tha Crib

Yep ... made the decision. Real estate guy came to visit this morning. I'm going back to Amsterdam!

A bit like this, but less dramatic. Lucifer with House For Sale. Watch the drummer, the Dutch celebrity Henny Huisman.

Guitar Solo's

My 15y old daughter just came home from an event at school called 'Open Podium', she voted for the band who did the Guns N Roses song Sweet Child O' Mine because of the guitar.

So I showed her:

Slash in the desert:

The Edge in Love Is Blindness:

... and ofcourse Prince's guitar solo in Purple Rain:

and last but not least everything by John Frusciante ...

Channing Tatum's Epic Split

Hilarious! Parody by Channing Tatum on van Damme's epic split.

Pharrell Williams & The 24-Hour Video Of Happy

Nice project. Awesome video.


Wow! ... KILN ...

I like! A bit late ... but I like!

Electronic Music From The 70s

Remember this one? Space with Magic Fly from 1977. Hello Residents and Daft Punk.

Click here for an interview with Justice about French Electronic Music from the 70s.

Nov 19, 2013

Jingle Hoops

Too cool! A very merry Xmax to NBA.

And ... Scream!

The Bar-Kays with 'Soul Finger'.

Ikea Is Way Too Big

Do I understand this correct? A movie?

Trippy Music Video

Whoa! I'm tired. It's in the middle of the night over here. And I'm watching this video by Demdike Stare for 'Transmission'. Trippy!!!!

Watch: Demdike Stare's Transmission from The Wire Magazine on Vimeo.

Motion Tattoos

Whoa! Beautiful tattoos by Chaim Machlev. I like, I want!


Yearbook Pictures Of Heavy Metal Icons

Guessing game! Alice Cooper looks like an accountant.


Jack Vale's Social Media Experiment

Jack Vale grabbed info from different social media like Twitter, Instagram ... Relatively easy to do, but definitely do-able. People don't realize this is possible, they were freaking out. Think about what and why and when you post people. (pfff this is tiresom)

Bob Ross vs Pablo Picasso

Epic Rap Battles of History, this time Bob Ross vs Pabo Picasso.

Using Google Christopher Moody created, a better search engine. I'm definitely going to give a try.


Nov 18, 2013


I like these cosmic portraits by Annita Rivera aka PLASTICA. Cute, romantic, flowery ... but faceless.


Hard To Pick A Color

I want! Stussy for Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Hi. Leather with print.

I'll Never Be The Same

A beautiful print by Dan McCarthy. Indeed, I'll never be the same.


Touch The Screen

A Life Size Messi for EA Sports' Fifa 14. Takes long to load, it's as life size as yourself. The eyes are creepy though. And if loaded, not much happens. But nicely done.

Kmart's Show Your Joe

Hahahaha, Jingle Balls by Kmart.

'Ugly' Xmas Sweater Generator

Nice idea from Coke Zero, the Sweater Generator. Create your own holiday sweater.

Nov 17, 2013

Kristy Patterson-D’Anna

Kristy Patterson-D'Anna's designs are inspired by illness. Beautiful!


Deodato 'Also Sprach Zarathustra'

I totally forgot about this one.

IKEA Nightmare

Trapped in an IKEA showroom prank by Ylvis. Nightmare! I know the feeling, and I don't need to the Ylvis prank, I have it everytime I visit IKEA.

You don't know Ylvis? ... Keep watching ... it's getting better.

Nov 16, 2013

Different Handshakes ...

... to close a deal.

Epic Split

Jean Claude VanDamme in a Volvo truck commercial doing his famous split with the help of two Volvo truck driving backwards. Awesome ... but why do they drive reverse? An example of an awesome stunt but, for me, a confusing commercial.

What If Archeologists Find This In The Future

Because it's Dr Who's anniversary Bill Mudron has created this wonderful 'Bayeux' tapestry. Would fit hanging in the same room.


Nov 13, 2013

Who Is Your Favorite Movember Princess?

Disney Princesses with beards.



Beauty and the Beard

Alice in Beardland