Apr 7, 2022

What Kind of Muppet are you - The 'Threat Dictionary'

Hello again, I'm back. F**k Covid. No job AND Covid, a bad bad bad situation. But also funny.
Just letting you know I did the quizz. It's by Michele Gelfand, a professor of organizational behavior at Stanford Graduate School of Business. She created the free 'Threat Dictionary'. It "identifies language that shows when people feel threatened emotionally or physically and measures the magnitude of that perceived threat."

It's pretty interesting: "The possible uses for the threat dictionary are vast, Gelfand says. It could be used to track when leaders inflate threats and which groups are labeled as dangerous. Researchers could analyze CEOs’ or officials’ speeches for threat mentions and compare them to fMRI images of what happens in peoples’ brains as they hear those terms. Social media users could use it to be more conscious of how they’re participating in the spread of threatening messages and make choices about how much of that kind of language they want to see or what they want their kids to see. Gelfand’s threat barometer can be used to track how much threat one is exposed to on social media. The dictionary could also be combined with voting data to predict how a perceived threat might influence election results. Or it could examine how threatening language varies between different media outlets and how it affects the way they report the news."

First you have to check what kind of Muppet you are (the Mindset Quiz). Unfortunately you don't get a Muppet character as a result. Are you curious about mine? 😉 ... Drum roll ...: YOUR RESULTS - Very Loose Mindset. "The loose mindset is less attentive to social norms, more willing to take risks, more impulsive, and more comfortable with disorder and ambiguity."
I didn't expect anything else. I think I'm Animal.

As I said pretty interesting stuff, I think I'm going to buy her book 'Rule Makers, Rule Breakers'.