Sep 30, 2017

Let's educate our children - Give them Led Zeppelin

I agree. Let kids listen to all kinds of music. Be sure to check this YouTube channel by the Fine Brothers.

Sep 25, 2017

Pre Tesla - Why everyone wanted an electric car in 1905

A brief history of electric cars you can read here.

One of the many Fritchle electric cars manufactured in the early 20th century

This pyramid-shaped two passenger vehicle is a Sebring Vanguard, an electric car manufactured in Sebring, Fla. in 1974

What to do with neglected basketball courts

Exactly! Create giant artworks. Looks awesome.

And yes, ofcourse people are going to use them again.


The NY Fashion District in the 1960s

Very nice vintage photo's from The NY Fashion District in the 1960s.


Very smart USB light for the Mac

Grph Minimalist USB Light for the iMac by MASSESS.

The USB-powered Grph is a simple, yet powerful light that’s made from precision milled oak and outfitted with dimmable touch controls allowing you to adjust six LEDs that put out 100 lumens of light. Each Grph is handcrafted and made-to-order in their Los Angeles studio.

(Thanks Yam)


Seeing Morris Dancing & Polar Bears for the very first time

BBC2 doc 'Tribes react to ...'

Depeche Mode covers David Bowie's 'Heroes'

Very nice cover

"Harassment isn’t about sex - it is about power."

Exactly dudes out there: I didn't ask for this.

Every woman online, especially in my case with totally 'open' profiles, receives them, the dick pics. I still remember the first time, the only thing I thought was: 'Okay ... and now?!'. With the second one I had to smile, and from that moment on I was / am laughing my ass off. It's so pathetic. Sending someone you don't know a dick pic. Why? Do they think the women really like it? Or do they want to scare women. Because I found out a lot of women get scared, even to the point where they delete their social media account.

I've asked this question to the dick-pic-senders but never got an answer. Or radio silence or angry. The most angy reaction I got was: "I will come over and rape you". ... okay ... My reply was: "oh, nice, who are you going to take with you?" A lot of bad words were typing my way. I thought it was pretty funny. But I can imagine women get scared.

Artist, activist, and writer Whitney Bell is dealing with these issues with a new installation of a traveling anti-harassment exhibition, I Didn’t Ask for This: A Lifetime of Dick Pics.

I like! And I agree, as rape, harrassment isn't about sex, it's about power. So don't allow these dudes to have power over you. If they send it over, just publish it on Facebook with the name of the sender.


Sep 22, 2017

It brings back memories

I started my 'career' in the photo business with the biggest foreign press agency in the Netherlands, ABC Press. We represented a lot of agency's, for example Life, Sygma, Camera Press, Magnum. Physical archives, not online yet. Can you imagine arriving at work ... there was already a package from the courier from Paris containing physical photo's, big, with the most horrible pictures from wars and disasters. Often the photographers need to smuggle the films out of the country they were in. A lot of photo's were so graphic that they were never published. Some of the war photo's are still etched in my memory.

Good article 'Who is the enemy here' about the war in Vietnam. Read it here.

I dare you

Checking newsletters and found this. My WTF moment of the day. Already 72 sold.

One-size fits all?!


Sep 20, 2017

You're never too old to drive a motorcycle

According to this Taiwanese commercial. Sweet!

Air-free tires ... a good idea ... but it's fugly

Tokyo-based tire company Bridgestone wants to make flats a thing of the past with air-free tires. I love the idea but the tires look fugly. For me this is a dilemma between practical and design. I guess, including the fact I'm living in Amsterdam, the practical will win ... unfortunately.


Ladies ... This way

I like!


Very important news for Facebook users

Super important news for Facebook users. I have a 'public' Facebook profile. To separate my 'private' account and my blog posts I've created a Facebook page, named ... Sylk's Playground ... how original. So ... people who are often on Facebook can follow this page.


Muscle leggings

First thoughts? Why? Halloween is the only thing I can think of.

(Thanks Yam)


Sep 17, 2017

I only have one question: Why?

The Dancing dress by Icelandic designer Ninna Thorarinsdottir. A dress that can dance. ... Why?


Freitag Zippelin inflatable travel bag

The Freitag Zippelin is an inflatable travel bag. Inflatable with a regular bike pump. Gives enough support and when you're not using it it takes not a lot of space. And ofcourse made of used truck tarps.

You can pre-order at Kickstarter.


Do you want to learn the basics of making music?

Ableton has a new interactive website which will teach you the basics of making music. Try it out.


Burial 'Rodent' (HDB113)


A tiny home that is also a working amp.

How cool is this!

‘Amplified’ is the Arkansas home of musician Asha Mevlana, who performs with the Trans-Siberian Orchestra.
Plug instruments into the portable trailer and sound comes out through the front marine speakers. The wooden deck that connects the two volumes can be used as a performance stage too.


Bleeding hand candle by Creepy Candles

A must-have. I had a couple of candles in the shape of a hand, but not with a skeleton in it. Love these Bleeding Hand candles.


I so want this bedlamp!!

It's a rechargeable, battery-powered bedside light, styled as a retro camera. Use the shutter button to turn on and off. Includes a micro-USB charging cable. WANT!