Oct 31, 2010

Wave Report 2010: The Socialisation Of Brands

by Universal McCann


Subaru - Pure Performance Animation

This is an "online only video for the new 2011 Subaru WRX STi. It’s called Pure Performance and the entire video is actually powered by the car driving past printed animation frames that come to life as as the car gets faster over the 1km track …"

by DDB Canada


The Dating Game - Vincent Price

R.I.P. Harry Mulisch

One of the most famous dutch writers Harry Mulisch died yesterday evening, 83 years old.

World Leaders When They Were Young

Wanna know who's who? Follow link

Top Gear On 60 Minutes

Cook 'Deuce' (animation)

Vagina Power Halloween Edition

Scala & Kolacny Brothers 'Creep (Radiohead)'

Creep (Radiohead) - Scala & Kolacny Brothers from Alex Heller on Vimeo.

1954, Dean Martin & Jerry Lee Lewis

Italian Spiderman

Oct 30, 2010

Bad Girl Barbie


Lego Dress

Don't like the dress and the hat. Love the shoes and the bag though.


Howdy From Nebraska


Ross McDonnell 'Joyrider: Ballymun - Dublin' (photography)

Ballymun flats is the most flagrant example of Irish social planning gone awry.


People In Cars & Dogs In Cars

Andrew Bush


Martin Usborne


North Korea Hell March

Blender Foundation 'Sintel'

A women's quest to avenge her faithful companion.

SF Fire Department Builds Their Own Ladders

Ladder Shop for SFFD from AdamKaplan on Vimeo.

The Online Adidas Game

"This commercial kicks off an online Adidas game that allows you to play against random people on Facebook. You choose a city (from a team that plays the Champion’s League), then a part of your city, and then a move you would like to make against your opponent. It’s like rock-paper-scissors (where have we seen that before?), so everybody can play it. If you win, a part of the city becomes your team’s colour."

by 180 Amsterdam


Gabrielle Linnell 'The War On Suffrage'

“Nine little Suffergets,
Finding boys to hate,
One kisses Willie Jones,
And then there are Eight.”


How To Make Travelling With An Airplane Less Boring

follow link for more

Liu Bolin - The Invisible Man

Liu Bolin, a Chinese artist who knows how to disappear in any environment. He was born in 1973, studied at the Shandong College of Arts and at the Central Academy of Fine Arts.


Jeep Puzzle On Twitter - @jeeppuzzle

Twitter for me is fast, short. Too many instructions for me. But the idea is very nice.

Political Attack Ads ... 1800


"If you're an agency creative with a great idea but no clients willing to give it a try, why not just use it to launch a new form of Internet vandalism? That's what BBDO creative director Jeff Greenspan did when he created "letterbombing," a group effort that uses profile photos to spell out a message on a public figure's Facebook page."


Ben Fry 'Computational Information Design'

"The ability to collect and store data continues to increase, but our ability to understand it remains unchanged. Data visualization makes use of our evolutionary proclivity for decoding visual images and employs this ability as a high-bandwidth means of getting data into our heads. In this talk, I'll present work I've developed ranging from illustrations of data for magazines and journals to software tools used by geneticists to interactive applications for Fortune 10 companies."


Adobe 'Project Rome'


Upper Meurthe 'Nothing Fails Like Success'

Nothing Fails Like Success. by Upper Meurthe


Happy Halloween

The National vs Night Of The Living Dead Monster-mash-up.

The National vs. Night of the Living Dead Monster-mash-up from Jesse Ewles on Vimeo.

Harry Clarke '1925 Edition Of Goethe's Faust' (illlustration)


ENPA 'A Website With No Homepage'

Advertising Agency: Lowe Pirella Fronzoni, Milan, Italy


Andri Pol (photography)


Awkward School Pictures (website)


Stijn de Leeuwe 'Afgekraakt' (Squatting)

AFGEKRAAKT from alex revers on Vimeo.

Nokia 'The Commuter'

Made with the 2 megapixel camera in the Nokia N8 phone.

by McHenry Brothers

Insane Russian Motorcyclist

Victorian Infographics


World's Largest Mouth

Wow! Francisco Domingo Joaquim has the world's largest mouth.


Vintage Monorail


Getty's MishMash Music Video Remix Competition - Update

Act fast! New closing date November 10th!