Sep 30, 2011

About Polymorphics

All About Polymorphics, A 1959 Animation on Polymorphic Computing. Simon Ramo's concept of "polymorphic computing" explained in stop-motion animation, presaging subsequent landmarks in the evolution of technology, from parallel processing to peer-to-peer filesharing to cloud computing to the very architecture of the Internet.

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Rude Hand Gestures

Rude Hand Gestures of the World by Romana Lefevre is a photographic guide to the many ways of using hand gestures to offend people in different parts of the world. The book’s photography is by Daniel Castro. It is published by Chronicle Books of San Francisco.

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'The Homosexuals' (1967)

""The Homosexuals" is a 1967 episode of the documentary television series CBS Reports. The hour-long broadcast featured a discussion of a number of topics related to homosexuality and homosexuals. Mike Wallace anchored the episode, which aired on March 7, 1967. Although this was the first network documentary dealing with the topic of homosexuality, it was not the first televised in the United States. That was The Rejected, produced and aired in 1961 on KQED, a public television station out of San Francisco.

Three years in the making, "The Homosexuals" went through two producers and multiple revisions. The episode included interviews with several gay men, psychiatrists, legal experts and cultural critics, interspersed with footage of a gay bar and a police sex sting. "The Homosexuals" garnered mixed critical response. The network received praise from some quarters and criticism from others for even airing the program."


Semi Truck Drifting

Awesome. Gymkhana with semi trucks. What's next? Real trucks?

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Nice Timing

D. Rose like you've never seen before unveils the new adiZero Rose 2. Nice timing ... Last bull fight was there, now Adidas is in the arena.

The D Rose 2 campaign was developed at 180 Los Angeles.


Sep 29, 2011

Recreating Iconic Photo's With Lego

Nice project.

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What Does Your Favorite Muppet Say About You?

What Does Your Favorite Muppet Say About You? Nice post.

My favorite Muppet is ofcourse Animal, always was, always has been, always will be ... Let's see what it tells about me:

"On the other side of the musical spectrum is Animal. Rowlf was a laidback humble musician with talent. Animal is a tornado of sounds. He rocks out and doesn't care if there are a million people listening or one... just as long as it's loud. If the most famous member of Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem is your favorite Muppet then you might be a punk rocker. You definitely don't care about how the world sees you, you just care that it does."

Rugby Rules

With all this hype about the Rugby, we felt it was our duty to ensure everyone truly understood the rules of the game.

Created for Facebook by Soap Creative.


The Average Font

Designer Moritz Resl has figured out the average font.

"September 2011

This project shows what a font would look like if it consisted of all typefaces installed on my system. Every character from a to z is drawn using every single font with a low opacity. In total there are over 900 typefaces in my library. I didn’t exclude the ugly ones."

Portrait Projecting Ring

"Working with local jeweller Tamrakar, this ring was created for the wedding of Luke Jerram and Shelina Nanji.

In a darkened room, light from a candle or LED passes through the ring to project a series of portraits. A selection of miniature slides were made of different family portraits and inserted into the edge of the ring for projection. As Jerram's family grows, photos of his children can be added to the ring. The ring was inspired by 19th Century Stanhopes."

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Jonny Wan Illustrations

Wow! Illustrations by Jonny Wan.

"Jonny Wan is an English illustrator and graphic designer. He graduated from art school in Manchester and worked on various creative projects with publishing, advertising and fashion brands."

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The Colorful Remains Of Over The Top Indian Weddings

Beautiful photography by Indian photographer Mahesh Shantaram.

"Mahesh Shantaram is an independent art-documentary photographer based in Bangalore, India. His main area of interest lies in visual representations of modern India minus all the nostalgic fluff, often celebrating the everyday, the mundane, and the leftovers when all the exotic has been consumed or left to dry.

This series, Matrimania, takes a look at the mess that people leave behind at weddings."

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Prada Spring Summer 2012

I simply adore this!!!

"The season’s assortment of below-the-knee skirts, twinsets, and long boxy jackets are pieces we’d expect to find in Miuccia Prada’s own wardrobe. With a distinct 50s Americana aesthetic, the classic feminine silhouettes are balanced with masculine hints—actual automobile prints on leather skirts, hot rod flames on chiffon skirts, and even fender-detailed heels."

“I wanted to make sweet acceptable, for sweet is a very bad word in fashion,” says the designer about the collection’s naughty and nice vintage direction."

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Don Draper Presents Facebook Timeline

How wonderful it is to see Don Draper explaining Facebook.


Sep 28, 2011


‘Pripyat is a ghost town near the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in northern Ukraine. It was founded in 1970 to house workers for the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. It was officially proclaimed a city in 1979 but was abandoned in 1986 following the Chernobyl disaster.’

Photos by Tomasz Zawadzki.

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Ron Galella

‘Ron Galella (born January 10, 1931) is an American photographer, known as a pioneer paparazzo. Dubbed “Paparazzo Extraordinaire” by Newsweek and “the Godfather of the U.S. paparazzi culture” by Time Magazine and Vanity Fair, he is regarded as the most controversial celebrity photographer in the world.’

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Things Could Be Worse

Funny blog 'Things Could Be Worse'.


Table 7

Table 7 is a very sweet and funny short film. Watch it till the end, it's not what you expect.


He's Alive!!!!

Wow! Freddie Mercury is still alive!


The Wombats '1996'

The official video for 1996 by The Wombats.


Ground Zero 1945

"On 6 August 1945, the US government dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima. This was the first wartime use of a nuclear weapon, and along with the bombing of Nagasaki three days later, heralded the surrender of Japan and the end of World War II. After the dust had settled, President Truman dispatched military personnel and civilians to photograph the destruction. Nearly seventy years later, Hiroshima: Ground Zero 1945 presents a selection of these once confidential images alongside critical texts. 1,100 photographs were taken, and 865 of them published in the classified report The Effects of the Atomic Bomb on Hiroshima, Japan (1947). Today, 700 of these images are part of the permanent collection at the International Center of Photography. Hiroshima: Ground Zero 1945 is testament to this shameful, haunting episode of the twentieth century and the role of documentary photography within it, and is the latest phase in ICP's ongoing investigation of the unacknowledged histories of photography."

Available on Amazon.


Sep 27, 2011

Office Escape

Cool video directed and edited by Ilya Naishuller. Official video for 'The Stampede' by Biting Elbows.


Hit In The Face By A Water Balloon

Nice slow motion.


How Does A Slinky Fall?


How does a slinky fall when extended by its own weight and then released? We discover the surprising answer using a slow motion camera that records 300 frames per second.


Soviet Fabrics 1920s - 1930s

Very nice designs. Fabrics from the Soviet Union, 1920s - 1930s.

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Dubstep Dude

Whoa!!!!! Too cool!!!

WHZGUD2 dancing to a dubstep track remixed by Butch Clancy.



Have some fun with Sphero. This looks cool!

Sphero is the world's first robotic ball controlled from your smartphone. Weave in and around obstacles or feet, or just try to outrun the family pet. Free downloadable games work on iOS (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad) or Android devices, and let you test your skills in Sphero Drive, compete with friends at Golf, or catch video of your cat chasing Sphero with KittyCam. When you’re ready for more, you’ll find an ever-growing number of games in the iTunes App Store or Android market.

Sphero will be available for sale in retail and online stores in late 2011 at an estimated retail price of $129.99.


Sep 26, 2011

Wais From Russia

Russia based graffiti and digital artist Wais does a huge amount of wall, canvas, street and paper artworks both for commercial and personal sides.

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Sep 25, 2011

Bjork 'Moon'

Love it!

Biophilia is released on october 10th 2011 (october 11th north america).

Written by Björk and Damian Taylor. Directed, produced and art directed by Björk, Inez and Vinoodh, m/m Paris and James Merry.


Who Named Daddy Long Legs

Funny German guy doesn't like Daddy Long Legs. So funny ... and it makes sense ...


Celebrities As Russian Generals

Very nice Tumblr blog, ReplaceFace. Celebrities as Russian generals.