Jun 28, 2009


Okay, name the singer / band, the album, the year :)))

Terrific new Nokia commercial 'Cover To Cover' by enterThe7thChamber

Farrah Fawcett RIP

Farrah in commercials

Farrah Fawcett Ultra-Brite Commercial

Farrah Fawcett Faberge Shampoo Commercial-Beach

Noxema with Farrah

Farrah Fawcett Head&Shoulders 1970's w Laverne

Giant White Glove

Click here for more info
White Glove Tracking

Jake Armstrong 'The Terrible Thing Of Alpha-9!'

Very very very nice! Compliments

Click here for more info. Jake Armstrong is active in the comments section also.

Hobnox Audiotool

Do you have some spare time? Check this out

Ode To MJ

Karl Zahn 'Wall Cleat'

This is a good invention. No loose cables on the floor anymore

Click here for info

Ted Chung 'A Thousand Words'

This is a very beautiful and sweet short film.
"Every day: so many opportunities to connect...
What if you took just one?" And this is so true

A Thousand Words from Ted Chung on Vimeo.

Jun 26, 2009

Antony & The Metropole Orkest (Holland Festival 2009)

Volume up & for the rest pure silence ... just listen!!!!

I Fell in Love with a Death Boy


Bob Fosse 'The Prince' 1974

Mmmm, now you know where Michael Jackson has his moves from

Michael Jackson In Commercials

Thanks IHAI Community

The guy in the red jacket is Alfonso Ribeiro, AKA Carlton Banks from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Wasn't this the one with the 'hair' accident?

Suzuki 'Love Is My Message'

LA Gear 'Street'

California Raisins commercial with Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson Doll commercial

I Have An Idea

Already checked their website regularly. Organizers of PortFolio Nights, worldwide. Now they have created a creative community on their site. If you're a creative ... register and join

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Jun 24, 2009


June 26th I got an email from Facebook, they've reviewed my account and activated it again. The reason why they deactivated it was because I was in a group with contents that weren't allowed on Facebook.
They advice people to review their groups regularly, sometimes, because of the comments, the group changes content and is deactivated on Facebook

I'm .. or better, I was on Facebook already for a long time.
I saw people come and go, create new accounts because their account was disabled.
But I must say, always with a warning and a reason they told me.

Yesterday it happened to me. During the day I'm hardly ever on Facebook because I work. I wanted to react on what a friend posted about his group 'ThoseInMedia', which is very interesting. 'Your account has been disabled'. Without a warning.

I've send several e-mails because I want to know why. That's the least they can do. You can not disable accounts without people letting know why.

Friends from Facebook contacted me. One of them was blocked by Facebook because he was too social. What's the point than on a 'social network', gather 'friends', counting numbers and do nothing?
Did I 'do' something pornographic? No.
Did I post more links than normal? No. My blog is connected to Facebook though.
Did I harrass someone? Not that I know of.

The 'coincidence' is that a real life friend, who is also on Facebook but doesn't use it that much is blocked too ... also without a warning.

I don't know the reason yet. But I'm starting to believe now that 'friends' complain about 'friends' officially with Facebook and without checking they disable accounts. That's a weird situation.

So there are people out there who probably want revenge for one reason or another and do very weird stuff.

Jun 23, 2009

Las Vegas 'Chinchilli Day'

This is a fun way to promote a city.

What do you think of 'Pigeon Day' in Amsterdam. Remembering the revolution of the pigeons. Picture yourself in the 18th century. Picture yourself a scene from Hitchcock's 'Birds', but in Amsterdam. Pigeons everywhere, attacking people, shitting on people, giving germs to people, diseases spreading. But the humans survive. Okay ... which day shall I pick :)

Cadbury Caramilk 'Modern Dance'

Mm, I'd rather watch the 'eyebrow' commercial

Portfolio Night 7 promo

This is hilarious. Promo for the Portfolio Night 7 NY

Comfort Wipe Commercial

Why? I can only see the necessity if you have very short arms and are very tall. You know, they invent all sort of things to make your life 'easier', I've posted a couple of them in the past. No wonder people are getting fat

Oreo 'Magnetism'

I had to smile :)


Hammer Pants Dance

Another Flash Mob video. To promote the reality show Hammertime. Filmed in LA ... it would scare the shit out of me :)

Child Labour 'Hammerchild'

This is another way to get attention for child labour

International Trade Union Confederation

Wilkins Coffee

Wow ... and people say we live nowadays in a very violent world because of television. This is a series of Wilkins Coffee commercials created by Jim Henson in 1957!! "It's not easy being green"

Dell Treats

It's circumstancial, but I never have been a big pc fan, or Dell fan. But after seeing this commercial ... uhm ... what is it? A toy?

Jun 21, 2009

I Love Twitter

I came home tonight, TV not connected. Twhirl was ... fortunately. One of my friends on Twitter posted who was the Stig. I fell off my chair. Told him that I couldn't watch BBC2 at the moment and look what he came up with ... I love this guy :)

Embeded code got an error ... so here's the link

Computer 'Reading' Emotion

Wouldn't it be terrific if there would be an application or a piece of software that measures your emotion when you read something on the interwebs?
Good marketing tool also.
Is the reader annoyed, angry, happy, surprised


Look at the navigation of this site. It's the business site of Santiago Ortiz who also did the 'Love Is Patient' project I posted earlier, the video wall.

Jun 20, 2009

Tampax 'Zack Johnson'

Why a guy?
Why 12min?
What does P&G wants with this ... uhm ... something, clippy, video, commercial thing?
It isn't too ridiculous for 12min, it's more like a teenage soap.

Jun 19, 2009

We Have Band 'You Came Out'

We Have Band - You Came Out (Official Music Video) from We Have Band on Vimeo.

Marco Brambilla 'Civilization'

You will have to watch this.

Here some background information:
"Civilization, a video mural created for the new Standard hotel in New York City, depicts a journey from hell to heaven interpreted through modern film language using computer-enhanced found footage. This epic video mural contains over 300 individual channels of looped video blended into a multi-layered seamless tableau of interconnecting images that illustrate a contemporary, satirical take on the concepts of Heaven and Hell."

Love Is Patient

photography: Kelly Castro, from the series Exteriors. Collage: Santiago Ortiz

Click here for website

Verilux Cleanwave UV-C Sanitizing Light Wand

Wanna clean all the germs in the house?

Do you suppose this is good ... killing all the germs in the house? What about resistence against germs?

Click here for more info

Dina Goldstein 'Fallen Princesses'

Dina Goldstein puts in 'Fallen Princesses' fairy tale princesses in the real world. Beautiful photography.

Click here for more

Google Asks: What is a Browser?

Jun 8, 2009


I have been waiting for this my whole life.
When did Naomi Campbell publish her book Naomi ... When did Giselle Bundchen appear on Harper's Bazar.

So finally I can look everything up :s

Jun 7, 2009

Richard Mosse 'Iraq 2009'

Richard Mosse went to Iraq to make a photo series of the palace of Saddam Hussein, now occupied by the american army

Click here for photo series

Happiest People Ever! (website)

This is so good. Wonderful website. Real life :)

Douglas Rushkoff 'Life Inc.'

Chris Jordan (photographer)

at TED, talking about western culture.


Ouch!!!! A new way of animation :)

G4 Bruise Commercial "Violence"

Making Of The G4 Animated Bruise Commercial

The History Channel Junior

I think these series of ads are very well done

It made me think. I'm sure this will work well with junior human beings. But what happened with a regular photo? Are our youngsters so numb with imagery that they need illustrations? Yes, I think so & no, I don't like it.

Don't get me wrong, I love these ads

JUNIOR* Academy for Art Direction, The Netherlands.
Art Directors / Copywriters: Lisanne van de Laar, Niels van de Snepscheut


Good Magazine has created an overview of their best inforgraphics, on Flickr

Good Magazine has created an overview of their best inforgraphics, on Flickr
Transparency: America’s Problem Drugs

Jun 5, 2009

'Brainy Connection'

From the European Youth Campaign against Racism

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi London

Kevin J. Miyazaki

A new perspective on fast food ... beautiful photography

Click here for more

Thousands Portraits

By Carlo Nicora & Eamon Lane. Photographing 1000 people in the streets of London, everybody they crossed path with :)

Thousand Portraits from Carlo Nicora on Vimeo.

Click here for result

Jun 3, 2009