Sep 21, 2009

Getty Images Launches ‘Mishmash’ Music Video Challenge

Entrants to create music videos using Getty Images multi-media content.

Getty Images, the world’s leading creator and distributor of still imagery, footage and multi-media products, has launched a brand new challenge called ‘Mishmash’. This creative challenge offers entrants the opportunity to create their own music video using Getty Images content, helping to discover music video producers of the future.

Renowned for both its vast collections of still imagery and first-class multimedia content, Getty Images has over 400,000 clips of footage available online and an extensive music catalogue called Pump Audio, which contains over 40,000 music tracks. Budding creatives are being asked to construct a music video to visualise one track from Pump Audio (or a mash up of up to five tracks) and contestants will be instructed to use Getty Images’ footage and imagery to make up at least 50% of their music videos.

The challenge’s judging panel comprises of a who’s who in music and film production and includes:

- Dan Waite, Label Director for the International Talent and Music Department at MTV
- Ed Sayers, agency producer at Saatchi and Saatchi, who won the Film Gold awards at Cannes Lions this year with the ad ‘Dance’ from T-mobile
- Pekka Hara, from the production company Cobblestone Hamburg Filmproduktion and winner (Director) of the Silver Film Lion Cannes 2009
- Ruben Goots, owner and executive producer at Czar, in Belgium
- Jort Schutte and Noam Erlich from Achtung!, in the Netherlands
- Julia Stephenson, founder of Short and Sweet
- Stuart Warren Hill, of the UK music duo ‘Hexstatic’, will also be joining the judging panel as well as producing the opening video of the Mishmash website.

Entrants are invited to upload their submission before the deadline of 15th October, and the judging panel will instantly be judging the videos online as and when they appear. Each of the judges will have their own log-in to view, comment and rate the music videos.

The challenge is open to residents in UK and Ireland and Northern Europe (Benelux and Nordic countries) with the judges selecting two winners, one from each region. The judges will be selecting 5 finalists for each region during the week of 26th – 30th October, who will go on to produce their final pieces on HD. The winners will then be announced by mid-November and will receive a 17inch MacBook Pro with Final Cut and StudioSuite.

Sep 20, 2009

Nike Sportswear (France)

Two new commercials for Nike Sportswear

The first one about Patrice Evra:

The second one about Maxime Medard:

by Duke

MA Men

They got a new account! This is so funny!

Converse One

Mutant animals to promote customizing your Converse. Posters throughout NY and banners. I love it.

by Anomaly

Grower's Cider 'Au Naturale'

Grower's Cider created a website where you can nudify yourself

by HQvB (Toronto) and Lollipop

P-Magazine (Belgium)

'You can't blame a man to be stupid'. I rest my case

Wrangler 'Stop Thinking'

WTF??!! Stop thinking???????

Rhett & Link 'I Love Local Commercials'

Rhett & Link are a comedy duo from North Carolina. They create local commercials and started I Love Local Commercials. Check it out.

Sep 19, 2009

LG 'Cars'

Turn something small into something big

by Y&R New York

Daniel Rozin 'Wooden Mirror'

Nikola Tesla

Where would we be now without Nikola Tesla.

Click here for more about Tesla

Steve V 'Oh, The Temptation'

THE ultimate marshmallow test :))

Oh, The Temptation from Steve V on Vimeo.

Getty Images 'Nostalgia'

I always tell people Getty Images is a wrong name. Getty 'Images' has a lot more, as you also can see in the print campaign below. Footage, Music (Audio) and ofcourse Images. But also rights & clearance (clearing celebrities, people, buildings) and assignment

Nice campaign for the vintage part of the Getty material.

by Shalmor Avnon Amichay / Y&R Interactive, Tel Aviv, Israel

Click here for Getty Images
Click here for Getty Footage
Click here for Getty Music / Audio
Click here for Getty Rights & Clearance
Click here for Getty Assignment

SEAT Altea XL 'Brother'

Nice story, well done. But I miss the point. 'Auto Emocion' okay okay. Still think it's too much

by Atletico International, Barcelona, Spain

'Pay raise' Dutch Royal Family

I have another ticket for speeding and I'm going to sue the dutch royal family.
Last week we had 'Prinsjesdag' here in the Netherlands (we are a monarchy as you probably know). 'Prinsjesdag' is all about money and budgets, a golden coach, hats, a huge royal chair and a briefcase.

The government decided to give Queen Beatrix, crown prince Willem Alexander and his wife Maxima a payraise in 2010.

Budgets are cut on education, health care. People are laid off. And 'we' are going to give members of the royal family a pay raise. And to make it worse, they accept.

Is it me? Or is there something wrong here

McDonald 'Happy Meal' (France)

I don't like McDonalds, but I like this Spongebob like figure. Sorry, couldn't hold my laughter

by TBWA\Paris, France

Click here for more

Duracell 'Bunny Fusion'

Never ever put a lot of pink bunnies together ...

by Ogilvy, Paris

Head Refresher Massage Device

Do you think this will stimulate the brains too?

Lee Powers

These two photo's are from the series 'El Mirage', view portfolio here

Melanie Cleary

Beautiful photography. Creepy subject :)

View portfolio here

Sep 13, 2009

German AIDS Ad With Hitler

My head says this must be possible, I always like it to tricker people to use their brains. But my feelings agree with the last video.

by Regenbogen, Germany

Sep 12, 2009

Satan Hates Metro

A different approach. Read more over here.
Click here for their website.


This is serious ... Hope it works

Learn Something Every Day

Good initiative, very nice illustrations ...

The Zerkin Glove

A lot of work to build, but under $ 300 :)

200.000 holiday meals needed

You can't go around this one ...

by Shalmor Avnon Amichay/Y&R Interactive, Tel Aviv, Israel

Audi A4 2.0 TDI


by Kempertrautmann, Germany

Bayer Drontal Plus 'Never Keep A Parasite'

Itching all over ...

by Shanghai J&J Advertising Co., Shanghai, China

Sep 11, 2009

IFAW 'Landing Jumbo'

by Springer & Jacoby, Germany

Isabella Rozendaal

"On Loving Animals

A photo book about the Dutch and their obsessive love
for animals. From the shows to the races, from the bedroom
to the backyard, from kittenhood to old age. The animal that
shares our life as part of our families and more."

Sep 6, 2009

Another Day At Work - Underman

I took this the day after our company outing. What is he doing now???? Cleaning his computer screen? Is he nearsighted? Is he doing some kind of exercise?

Venueconnection 'Stay At Home'

From their album Madrid Boogie

Nils Jorgensen

I received this link from a friend ... to laugh. And he was right. But on the other hand, awesome photography

Soko 'I'll Kill Her'

Beautifully done video by Joerg Barton. Free work. Not the official video. I like this song very much

I´ll kill her from Joerg Barton on Vimeo.

Sep 1, 2009

Max Tannone 'Double Check Your Head'

Newest project by Max Tannone, well known because of his marvelous Jaydiohead project, this time the Beastie Boys

Another Day At Work - Underman

another day at work, my collegue, let's call him Underman is showing his new urban efficient bag. He's a real urban fashionista.

He prefers to be incognito, protecting the world ... UNDERMAAAAAANNNNNNNN!!!!