Sep 30, 2013

Proto-Indo-European - PIE

This is what our ancestors sounded like.


Lego Wars

Lego Wars by Dale May, a NY based photographer. I'm not a big Lego fan but this is awesome.

"Dale uses macro photography to transform tiny, plastic, Star Wars LEGO figures into epic, heroic stature."


Leon Else 'Tomorrow Land (All Fall Down)'

'Tomorrow Land (All Fall Down) by Leon Else. I love it. Good alternative for Tindersticks.

She's Quitting Her Job

Very creative way to quit your job. She worked at a big company producing news video's. Her boss only cared about views, not about content ... so ...

Sep 29, 2013

JR @ Unseen

Last wednesday my day was good. After a very hectic monday and tuesday, preparing a fair, preparing a presentation, giving a presentation, I had almost no energy to go to the opening of the photography fair Unseen. But because of a friend of a friend I could go as the VIP biotch! Opening was as every other art-scene opening. My friend and I decided to go and walk around to see if anything else was already open. I passed the location on the Westergasfabriek where one of my favorite artists JR was showing his new project Inside Out. And guess what, they were still building the installation but I could go in, take photo's and talk to a project manager. Unfortunately JR himself wasn't there, he has a solo show in the States.

Amsterdam Unseen was the first city the Inside Out van went to. Next stop is London. You don't know JR? Shame on you! Perhaps you heard about his Women Are Heroes project in Kenya. One of the producers told me they're still going back to work on this project. It's spreading out. This year when they arrived they got questions like: You took photographs of my neighbour, why nog from me?

The Inside Out project he started after winning the TED prize in California in 2011. It's a global participatory art project with the potential to change the world.

Why I like JR's projects so much? I'm always a sucker for  art combined with street art and giving back to the community. Below the photo's I took at Unseen. Feel free to re-blog but be nice, mention me as copyright holder of the photo and JR as copyright holder of the project.

Zombie KFC

Let KFC bleed.


Folding Bike

Because I'm living in Amstelfuckingveen at the moment and working in Haarlem I have a folding bike. Or better I have 2 folding bicycles. Why 2? That's a long story. One of my folding bikes is a bit vintage, like this one, it doesn't fold. You have to take it apart. I like. This design I like better. But I like the fact that I have this big screw to put the bike together. (thanks Yam)


Star Wars Skirt

I WANT! Be business like and fun. Send it over. I would wear it.


CocoRosie 'Gravediggress'

I love this song by CocoRosie. But I hate clowns. Be sure to read the 'about' on YouTube.

Be Careful What You Wish For

Short animation 'The Umbrella Factory'. Based on the horror short story, The Monkey’s Paw, by W.W. Jacobs. Very nice animation.

The Umbrella Factory, Short Film from Naissance on Vimeo.


An animation about crime and punishment by Trunk Animation. Beautiful.

Lobotomy-small from Trunk Animation on Vimeo.

Sep 28, 2013

The 'Flynn Effect'

Each generation scores higher on an IQ test than the generation before it. They call it the 'Flynn Effect'. Is it because the next generation is smarter or is it because the way we think changes.

"In this fascinating and fast-paced spin through the cognitive history of the 20th century, moral philosopher James Flynn makes the case that changes in the way we think have had surprising (and not always positive) consequences."

Burning House 'PPSD'

Burning House with PPSD (= Post Party Stress Disorder). Music is okay, animation is awesome.

Burning House "PPSD", by Arno Salters & Joseph Pierce from Arno Salters on Vimeo.


Now this is a very good online tool, compare constitutions. Thank you Google.

Google Ideas supported the Comparative Constitutions Project to build Constitute, a new site that digitizes and makes searchable the world’s constitutions.


Constructed Languages

Constructed Languages also known as Conlangs. John McWhorter explains in this TED lesson what for example Na'vi and Klingon have in common with 'real' languages. (Animation by Enjoyanimation)

Celebs In Japanese Commercials

Compilation of celebs in Japanese commercials. So that's where they get the big money from. Unfortunately not the best quality video.

Sep 26, 2013

Textiles Of The Future

Click here for the post: 10 Amazing Textiles Of The Future. It's awesome.

My personal favorite? The Personal Space Protector ofcourse :)

"designed by Nancy Tilbury. Called the Spike Jacket, sensors inside detect when someone comes too close, then it starts flashing."


Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake show us a # conversation in real life #funny #television #icantstoplaughing

Amazing Hairdo

Wow! That's a hairdo I've never seen before. Very creative. I don't like how it looks fashion-wise, but please keep on creating.


Tablet Band

A band of tablets with Intel processors inside. Nice!

Check also the behind-the-scenes:

Kitsch Nitsch

Playful digital fashion advertising by Kitsch Nitsch. Two illustrators from Slovenia: David Kladnik and Jaka Neon.


Micro-Apartments In Japan

I like this concept very much. I guess I would have been happy to live in a micro-apartment when I arrived in Amsterdam, just turned 18. Very happy. Very very very happy. Better than renting a room with a landlord or landlady. But now? I'd rather not.  But yes, I like these capsules, these pods. One thing ... if I had to live in this, it must be possible to open the window.


Sep 25, 2013

Web Search And 3d Printing

What a very good use for 3d printing. Yahoo! Japan developed this 'machine' for visually impaired kids. It combines the search machine with a 3d printer. Ask for a dinosaur and get a small model of a dinosaur. The machine itself looks cute, like a cloud.


Cute Self Defense

They're so cute, the cat ears. It's a key chain but you can also use it as a very effective weapon.


Sep 22, 2013

A Map As An Infographic

42 Amazing Maps by the Vlogbrothers. He's right.

"The map, as an innovation, is extremely important. Simply constructing a useful representation of our world onto a piece of paper (or clay or vellum or whatever) vastly increased the capabilities of humankind. But we continue to add and alter this medium, in ways that allow for greater understanding of our world and even of ourselves."

Space Sounds Creepy

This is the sound Voyager captured, the sound of space.