Nov 30, 2009

Stella Artois 'Si Bourg'

This is part of a new series of Stella Artois, marvelous!

by Mother, London

Abuse In A Relationship

I'm more furious than confused.

In the Netherlands there's this commercial on tv and radio. You here a female voice who says that's enough, 'we can both work this out' and a telephone number you can dial for help.

The part that makes me furious is the sentence 'we can both work this out'. In the case of this commercial it's HIS problem, not hers. That brings me to the other thing, why is it a female voice. Men get mentally and physically abused in a relationship too.

There's this campaign in the Netherlands for teenagers. They did some research and have found out that a lot of female teenagers (yes again), are in an abusive relationship. Physically or mentally. The campaign says: Get out of that relationship. Healthy advice I think.

Do you see my problem? Two campaigns, about the same time:
- in both the victims are female
- in the 'grown up' version, the female says she wants to work it out together
- in the teenage version, the female needs to get out of the relationship

'Work it out together' ... it sounds to me as taking a junkie in the house and tell him / her not to steal.

A very chaotic blog this time ... because I'm annoyed and furious. How is this possible.

Look at all the banned commercials, the suggestion of a camera in a vagina, nudity and it's banned. And this is possible??????

So no my advice. Whoever you are, if you are in a abusive relationship: GET THE FUCK OUT OF IT!!!!!!!

Trojan 2Go

This is so good! How to prevent a mistake indeed!!!!!

Helicopter Boyz 'Nikon S1000pj'

Strap a couple of Nikon camera's to two boys, add a choreography ... et voila

Nov 26, 2009

Nov 25, 2009

Another Day At Work - Underman

I got spoiled today by Underman ... Capuccino with caramel. That makes up for everything ... up till now

Nov 22, 2009

Acciona 'RE'


Acciona RE from Garlic on Vimeo.

by Garlic

And here the making of (in spanish, which language I don't speak nor understand, but it gives a good idea):

Making of Acciona RE_ from Garlic on Vimeo.

Alexander McQueen

Pretty!!!! I want one ... but, too expensive and no shop in Amsterdam :(

Francois Robert

Francois Robert is originally from Switzerland, now living in the States. Take a look at his portfolio.

Sr. X

Terrific street artists, he has his own website now.

The Dualism

The time has come ... The Dualism Online Exhibition is there ... you will have to check this out

I am following The Dualism for quite a time now on Facebook.
To write a review is difficult for me, because it touches me. It makes me feel uncomfortable. I feel like I'm looking into somebody elses life, but I am not. I see similarities. It's confusing.

Sometimes I got reactions on my re-posts ... 'creepy'. I can understand it, but on the other hand I can't. It's so beautiful. 'Creepy' probably because it's not what you expect. It makes you think. And everybody knows that's not what most people want on Facebook, there everything needs to be flowery, glittery, beary, happy ... :(

What is reality? I think The Dualism catches reality, at least my reality.

Jonas Bergstrand

Jonas Bergstrand is an illustrator & graphic designer from Sweden. Beautiful work. Click here for more.

Nov 18, 2009

Getty Mishmash Competition ... And The Winners Are

"We were blown away by the fantastic effort from all the entrants to this year’s Mishmash competition. We’ve had a hard time judging, but two pieces of work really stood out for us. And so, without further ado, we’d like to announce the winners:

David Hopkinson won the UK prize with “Flash Forward (And Back)” – a video which merges a series of old-school images and footage, with a classic speech from Grand Master Flash on the art of mixing. Tommi Lius won the Northern Europe category with “Glitchmindly” – a fast-paced, high octane video montage set to electronic music.

Each of these winning videos has carefully blurred the lines between imagery and footage, from archival to contemporary, to create music videos which amazed the judges with their innovative editing techniques.

The judging panel comprised of a who’s who in music and film production, including representatives from advertising agency Saatchi and Saatchi, production company Cobblestone Hamburg Filmproducktion and UK music duo, “Hexstatic.” The judges looked at each music video as soon as it was uploaded and gave their verdict by leaving comments and rating each entry, ensuring each video received real time feedback.

One of the judges, Dan Waite, Label Director of MTV Talent & Music International said: “It was a delight to be a judge on this panel. The creativity that the entrants showed using Getty Images’ stock footage and Pump Audio music tracks was of a very high quality. As I watched some of the videos, I thought that a few were good enough and compelling enough to be on a music channel in their own right. It highlighted to me the breadth of the Getty Images film archive and the outstanding abilities of tomorrows’ music video and film producers.”

Congratulations to our two winners. They’ll soon be receiving their brand new 17″ MacBook Pro with Final Cut Pro.

If you weren’t lucky this time, don’t worry, as we’ll be running Mishmash 2010 next year. So, get your thinking caps on — we’re sure it’ll be an amazing competition.

For more information and to see all the work, visit:

Nov 16, 2009


How can you tell this table is being sold by a man?

And yes, this photo really was on eBay :)
Now the question ... was it on purpose??

Nov 14, 2009

Simon Schubert

This is amazing. Adds a new dimension to folding a paper.

Proof That Social Media Is Killing Print Magazines

Bad? Or an opportunity?

Proof That Social Media is Killing Print Magazines
Infographic by

Luo Brothers

Wow! Click here for more information and here for more of their work

Anthony Pappalardo In Circle Board In New York City


Film by William Strobeck

Hugh Kretschmer

I like his work. Click here for an interview.

Animal Collective 'In The Flowers'

Esquire's Augmented Reality Issue: A Tour


Toyota Hybrid Synergy Drive 'Better Together'

OMG I already got very nervous looking at this commercial. Can you imagine!!!!!????? Well done though

Nov 11, 2009


Cute ... very cute. Commercial for Daffy's.

They did this live performance over the weekend at the Ziegfeld Theater in midtown Manhatten before the screenings of the new film Amelia.

"The discount retail chain Daffy's staged such live performances over the weekend at the Ziegfeld Theater in Midtown Manhattan before screenings of the new film Amelia.

by Johannes Leonardo, New York, part of WPP

Cool Rider

I like this! I want one of these!!!!!
I especially like the fact that you charge it by sticking it in a wall outlet

Danny Macaskill Volkswagen Commercial

Do you see it? The Volkswagen Golf Estate? Very good!

TRY Advertising Oslo Norway
Music: The Joy Formidable - Austere

The New BMW 5 Series. Teaser

A beautiful teaser for the new BMW 5 series.

It was shot in the BMW museum without CGI. They used the BMW Museum's kinetic sculpture installation in Munich, an exhibit designed by Berlin agency Art + Com.

Salva Lopez

Salva Lopez is a spanish photographer. Desolate style. I love it.

Roig 26

La Costa Gris


Cal Tanu