Apr 30, 2011


If girls can say girlfriends than boys can say boyfriends.

Donald Trump "China Is Raping This Country"

Mm ... mm ... China is raping this country. It's more like "Donald Trump is raping this country". This is so dumb.


Royal Wedding

Westminster Abbey verger does cartwheels after royal wedding.

I like him.

Man Struck By Lightning

Wow! Man struck by lightning and survived.

Marc Da Cunha Lopes Vertebrata Series

New series of Marc Da Cunha Lopes 'Vertebrata Series', large skeleton creatures are placed in intriguing environment.

follow link for more pics.

Great High School Athletes*

Nobody wants an asterisk.

OMG Another Problem To Solve - Ninkles

Wrinkles on your knees. Where is my plastic surgeon when I need him / her!

I think I'm going to buy myself a bhurka. Perhaps they have them at the 'free market' in Amsterdam today.


R.O.I. Of Your Mother

And what is the R.O.I. (Return On Investment) of a fulltime working mother?

Infographic by Gary Vaynerchuk,

Goodmorning - Happy Queensday!!!!!!

It's Queensday in the Netherlands. Not our queen at this moment but her mothers birthday. And like Easter, birthdays, halloween it's normal to say on days like this Happy Queensday!!!!! Everything is orange, people get drunk, public transportation problems. It's always very nice in Amsterdam, that's why I'm not there at the moment. Supermarkets are allowed to sell 1 alcoholic beverage (beer) per customer. Can you imagine the long rows before the register? And don't you think people are smart enough (and that's something for me to say, the combination of people and smart) to have bought it this week? Okay don't be too grumpy ... for all the people who love to be around masses of other people: enjoy this song (Greensleeves) on the Otamatone.

Apr 29, 2011

The Monkeytail

A website dedicated to the new fashion statement: The monkeytail. Worth browsing through.

Crappy Taxidermy

Terrific Tumblr blog: Crappy Taxidermy

Geek Email Signoff

Yes, I agree, this is a very geek email signoff. But it's good, it's real good.


John Moschitta, Jr.

Now this is a fast talker ...

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John Moschitta, Jr. on That's Incredible! (1981):

Vicious Vintage Campaign Buttons

"Think current U.S. political campaigns are nasty? The attack-pinback has long been a tool of partisans and politicos."

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2Di4 - The Unlawful Killing Of Princess Diana

Sneak preview of '2Di4 - The Unlawful Killing of Princess Diana'.

Thanks Claire!

"This movie will never see the light of day in the UK, so it's up to us in the US to shine a torch on the truth. Don't ask me how I managed to get this footage, but here it is ! A sneak preview of leaked footage from a new motion picture that's going to blow your head off and that's going to blow the whole cover-up of Princess Di's unlawful killing"

Turn Ashes Into A Vinyl Record

For a few thousand dollars And Vinyly will turn your recently deceased loved one – human or otherwise – into a playable vinyl album.


Beastie Boys 'Make Some Noise'

Beastie Boys with Make Some Noise.


'Simphabet' by Fabian Gonzalez features characters from The Simpsons in the form of letters of the alphabet.


Facebook Icons

Cool Facebook icons. Especially the 'stop'.

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Vocal Exercises

Death metal vocalist Olle Ekman (Deals death/Volturyon) warming up in the studio.

Bicycle Wine Rack

Handy! Does it come with a cooler for white wine?

"The rack secures tightly to the frame so that the two parts do not separate. I've tried it with a bunch of different bottles and it's nicely flexible.

The fittings and hardware are all brass."

follow link & link for more info.

Pre-Queensday 2011

My 13y old daughter decided all of a sudden to sell cake & lemonade on Queensday tomorrow. I'm banned out of the kitchen. It looks soooooooo gros.

Burma Political Prisoners Art And Photo Installation

On June 22, 2010, Human Rights Watch, in collaboration with the advertising agency, JWT, launched 2100 in 2010, a public outreach and education project in Vanderbilt Hall, in the historic Grand Center Station to raise awareness about Burma's 2,100 political prisoners. The installation-- a massive mock prison of 200 miniature cells, each framing a photograph of a Burmese political prisoner inside a prison cell of detachable pens--allowed supporters to remove the pens, thus removing the bars of the cell, and sign a petition calling upon Burma's military rulers to free the political prisoners.

Chrome Speed Test

Google’s Chrome Speed Tests have won two Gold Cubes at the 90th ADC Awards for interactive online content (animated video) and for advertising broadcast craft/cinematography. The Speed Tests campaign was developed at Google Creative Lab by executive creative director Robert Wong, and at BBH, New York.

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Apr 28, 2011


Finally nice lamps. I would love to have a couple of these.

"'alessilux' is a new project by italian design brand alessi which aims to dissolve the boundaries between light bulb and luminary. the company's first move into the world of lighting, they challenged a group of three young designers: giovanni alessi anghini, gabriele chiave and frederic gooris to re-imagine the light bulbs as an object of design. something with a personality that becomes a protagonist - through new innovative shapes and colors -
in the environment in which it is placed. debuting at milan design week 2011, production and distribution of the products has been given to the technical and manufacturing skills of foreverlamp."

follow link for more info & pics.

Road Sign Furniture

I like these a lot.

By JC&Tim (JC Abbruzzi & Tim Delger). Art / Furniture / Stolen government property built by Tim.

The Eighteen Layers Of Chinese Hell

"Diyu, the Traditional Chinese Hell, based on Buddhism concept of Naraka, is an underground maze with various levels and chambers, to which souls are taken after death to atone for the sins they committed when they were alive.

Some Chinese legends speak of eighteen levels of Hell."

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The Hard Knock Life Of An Internet Troll

Infographic: The Hard Knock Life Of An Internet Troll.


Old McDonald Had A Farm ...

Britain's Got Talent: 35-year-old drama teacher Edward sings nursery rhymes. Terrific!!!!!! Thanks Anne.

Watch original high quality here.

Black Points

Ethias Safest Route, iPhone application for Belgian insurance company Ethias. By Duval Guillaume, Belgium.

Royal Wedding Products For Cool Dudes

:) :) :)

Want to show off your love for Prince William and Kate Middleton but afraid of losing your reputation as a "cool dude?" Now you can show people how much you love The Royal Wedding without looking like a sissy!

What You Say In A Divorce, May Last Forever

'What You Say In A Divorce, May Last Forever', created by 180 Amsterdam for SIRE. In dutch.

Tatoo translation:
"If you go to your father now ... you can stay there"
"Your mother is trying to get us down"
"If you keep the house, I keep the boys"
"Don't you ever think your father now wants to see you"
"I wish we never had kids"

Scatman John

Kitteh Kitteh Scatman, a homage to the late Scatman John by Tokyo Plastic.

Kitteh Kitteh Scatman from tokyoplastic on Vimeo.

Google Body

Google Body by Google Labs.

Sex Education


Short film directed by Craig Macneill. Written by Clay McLeod Chapman.

Official selection at the 2005 Sundance Film Festival, Late Bloomer is a compelling and humorous short film about 7th grade sex ed class gone horribly wrong. Loosely based on the dark tales of H.P. Lovecraft.

Audience Award for Best Short Film at the Lake Placid Film Festival

Best Short Film at the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival


Well done. Especially Napoleon on a Vespa.


Special Forces

How special forces are opening a door. I rest my case.


"Roastie is an innovative toaster design concept by Polish designer Mateusz Glówka that features a see-through case (for toast monitoring) and rotating heat elements that evenly toast the bread. Sadly, it is currently only a concept."

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Propaganda Posters For The Office

They look terrific.

"Artist Steve Thomas has made a series of propaganda posters for office use, covering such Glorious Management-disapproved activities as water cooler gossip and social media during company time."

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Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4

Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 commercial. I would love to drive this one.

4-27-11 Tornado Tuscaloosa, Al

Wow! Unreal! Today's tornado in the States.

This person probably ran up the stairs.

4-27-11 Tornado Tuscaloosa, Al from Crimson Tide Productions on Vimeo.

Facebook Facts

Dutch telecom company Hi has an app on Facebook: Facebook Facts Of ... It's fun, not 100% correct, but it's fun an well done.

A World Without Facebook