Dec 31, 2011

Makes Sense

No comment.

German brand Bosch teams up with the luxurious designers over at Swarovski to create an amazing piece of design & style that will probably be handy around an apartment. Being a handyman has now more style then anything. With 700 Krystals, Swarovski and Bosch are betting a lot on the success of the IXO.


From Me To All My Blog Visitors

Just Annoying

Am I the only one who thinks this is just an annoying kid? Or perhaps it's my mood at the moment. This is not cute.

The 13th Floor Elevators????

13th Floor Elevators 1966 long version of You're Gonna Miss Me.

Guido Castagnoli’s ‘Provincial Japan’ Series

Phaidon introduce us to Guido Castagnoli’s Provincial Japan series. Shot in the Shizuoka district, a collection of seemingly uninhabited landscapes and multicoloured Americana with more than a touch of the surreal.

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How To Use A Condom

I didn't know this one, cool!

THRASHER’s Skateboarding Photo's

Thrasher got together with Wired Magazine to choose the most impressive skateboarding pics of 2011. With over 10′000 pictures posted in the print and online editions of the magazine in the last 12 months, you can imagine that the choice was not easy.

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Thom Yorke For HUGE Magazine

Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke is featured on the cover of the latest issue of Japanese magazine HUGE. For their ‘Walkin’ in Hyde Park’ spread, the singer and songwriter was wearing the latest Undercover collection by Jun Takahashi.

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SBTRKT 'Ride To Freedom'

Nice new song of SBTRKT 'Ride To Freedom'.

In SBTRKT and his cohorts’ classic art-dubstep way, it’s heavy and bass-driven, all complex, clattering percussion, dizzying synth patterns, and chilly, ‘80s-inspired background drones. It’s futuristic and fascinating – every listen reveals hidden tidbits, new things to follow with your ear. Check it out.


The Firm - UK Organized Crime Photos

London’s Foto 8 Gallery is currently hosting a photo exhibit by UK photographer Jocelyn Bain Hogg. The series, titled The Firm, offers an intimate look at UK organized crime members through the lens of Hogg.

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Dec 30, 2011

Children's Choir Starts Bullying

De Opvoedingslijn is a Flemish advice hotline for parents with out of control kids. This Christmas, a children's choir was singing christmas carols with out of control lyrics... enjoy!

The choir and lyrics are licensed by De Opvoedingslijn. All other characters are accidental spectators that are not linked to De Opvoedingslijn nor the campaign organisation.
by DuvalGuillaume

This is what they did in 2010 (to refresh your memory): Little Robin:

Short History Of The Calendar

Ever wondered why we have the calendar?

2012 - The End Of The World?

In short:

Long version (why some people think the world will end in 2012):

NYC 1938

Take a tour of New York City in 1938.

OK Go - Muppets Theme Song

Nice video! OK Go & The Muppets.

Fatal Boredom

Street art by KONG, Germany. "An error has occured in your Brain. This process has caused fatal boredom and therefore will be closed permanently. Please save all thoughts in progress and reboot your brain. [error code |-(42]" via

'Humanity' In Electronic Music

Excerpt from Karlheinz Stockausen's May 1972 lecture to the Oxford Union on 'Four Criteria of Electronic Music'. Here, Stockhausen responds to a question concerning the loss of 'Humanity' in electronic music.

50 New Years Resolution

I can use this list also! (change girl in man)

Different Dubai

Different Dubai photography by Alisdair Miller. He is a creative director and do amazing photo manipulations.

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Social Shower Curtain

Want this! Looks cool!

You can buy it here, the Social Shower Curtain.

Shit Nerds Say

Another one, no girls, but nerds.

What Is The First Letter Of The English Alphabet

Who wants to be a millionaire.

Kevin vs The Tomato

Time for some cuteness. Kevin vs The Tomato. A tortoise with terrible depth perception.

Vivian Maier Photography

Can you imagine she didn't show it to anyone?!

"The photography of Vivian Maier is an apt representation of the dichotomy at the heart of a very private person. Prolific in her image taking and yet intensely secretive, she took photographs for over 40 years without ever showing them to another person, with the collection only surfacing when the unit where Maier had stored the negatives sold them for non-payment of bills in 2007. It was an electrifying discovery, featuring over 100,000 images of the Chicago and New York streets stretching from the 1950s well into the 1990s; a treasure trove of vignettes showing the quirks and banality, the ugliness and beauty of the American cityscape."

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Flaming Lips 'I'm The Walrus'

Very nice cover from the Beatles' 'I'm the walrus' by the Flaming Lips.

Jog Strap

The Jog Strap, a product made for thirsty joggers ... No comment.

Hand Grenada Fail

Hide!! This Chinese soldier needs some more practice.

BMW R60/2

Blitz Motorcycles 1963 BMW R60/2. Pretty!!!!!!


New Logos In 2011

An infographic that shows some of the “Spankin New” logo re-designs of 2011.



Dec 29, 2011

Happy New Year Version 2.0.12

Rhe De Ville is back for her 3rd annual Happy New Year! ~ version 2.0.12.

Brett Domino 'Earthquake'

"Future Games of London sent us their new app, so we incorporated it into this cover of Labrinth's 'Earthquake'."

Introducing The Gatari

Ooooohhhh, this is so easy to create, just plug in a swommelido, write a program and switch some stuff ... and go to Japan! Wow, amazing!

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"The "gAtari" was my excuse to do something a little silly after I discovered that the Atari 2600 was more limiting than I realized! (31 pitches, minimal waveforms and only 2 channels!) I needed an EQ which could take a high voltage and drop it down to line level (Boss bass EQ) plus a way to hold loops between tracks and parts (Boss delay). So rather than have it "DJ" style config, I thought I make something a little more creative. It uses my atari-x-mod converter software which compiles binary files for Atari."

Film Alphabet

Wonderful designer Stephen Wildish created these posters ... and more.

Check out his website.

You can buy the posters here.

Unroll.Me is an email unsubscribe engine that crawls through your inbox and pulls up a list of your subscriptions allowing you to choose which one to keep and which ones to unsubscribe from. After you press unsubscribe, we will take care of the rest.


Oh, how cosy!

Fireplace by Ted Martens is an interactive pixelated fireplace for Mac or PC. Commands like “marshmallow” and “hotdog” enhance the interactive fireplace experience. The digital log burns down to ash in about 30 minutes.


Laws Of Modern Man

Nice quote from the Laws Of Modern Man Tumblr blog.



Quest by Ray Bradbury (1980s), directed by Elaine and Saul Bass.

On a distant planet, descendants of a crashed spaceship are subjected to mysterious forces that cause them to age and die in just eight days. They must also live in caves to escape the bitter cold of night and the killing heat of day. One young boy is determined to find his way back to the ship that brought them there. But how will accomplish this in the short time left to him?

Drawing Bot

A senseless graffiti drawing robot reated by So Kanno & Takahiro Yamaguchi.

What If Company Logos Were Honest?

Hilarious and true adbusting.

"What would happen if large corporations actually ran their companies with our best interests in mind? Their logos might look a bit more like these new editions in design wiz Viktor Hertz’s ongoing series: Honest Logos."

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