May 31, 2014

Weird Features Of Old Cars

At least they tried. My favorite? The dog sack ofcourse ... Unbelievable!!! You can check all 10 here.

And very good to see this one again. Can't stop laughing. Jeremy from Top Gear in a Reliant Robin ... with helmet.

Toothy Shoes For Young Girls

Fantich & Young created 'apex predator' for young girls. Bright red shoes for girls with teeth dentures instead of a rubber sole. Beware the tooth fairy!!

Do they also have them in my size? Want!


The Infrastructure Of The Internet

Internet Machine (trailer) by Timo Arnall. The reality of cloud computing, shot at Telefonica in Spain.

Internet machine (trailer) from Timo on Vimeo.

Japan Humanizes Robots

Photographer Luisa Whitton documents the Japanese Humanoid Robotic Industry. Creepy!


So You Think You Can Dance?

Proof it! Cool installation by choreographer William Forsythe. Avoid touching the pendulums. Happy!


Photography Quotes


“I don’t trust words. I trust pictures.”
– Gilles Peress

“Taking pictures is like tiptoeing into the kitchen late at night and stealing Oreo cookies.”
– Diane Arbus

“The best thing about a picture is that it never changes, even when the people in it do.”
– Andy Warhol

"We Are Dead Stars"

WTF? Every atom in our body was fused in an ancient star?! I read the words but it's difficult to comprehend.

This video is a collaboration between The Atlantic and SoundVision Productions' The Really Big Questions.

Group Photo Challenge - An Oldie

Here's The Chaser Group Photo Challenge. An 'oldie'. Is it possible to find a passer-by to take 40 group portraits with 40 different camera's?

Room With A View

Yeah ... I could live here. Even if it's on Mallorca. Btw do you have some money left somewhere? It's for sale for only euro 4.800.000,--.


"... Enough To Avoid Being Myself"

Best answer ever. Have to remember. Watch the hilarious Seth MacFarlane at The Graham Norton Show. Seth MacFarlane impersonates Kermit the Frog impersonating Liam Neeson.

"It's Hard To Be Bored Almost Anywhere"

An old one, 2011, but still a good one. A TED talk about boredom "The value of boredom" by Genevieve Bell. What a boring? Like me ... boring and bored. I must be ueber creative. She's right with one thing, my brains won't stop working, like a hamster in a wheel.

Typography Posters By Pete Ware

Showed them before. But they're so good. Post it again. Typography posters by Pete Ware. You can buy them here.


Banksy In New York

In October 2013 Banksy was in New York. Every day that month he created a work of art. Not loved by everyone.

Hidden Pool

Hidden, clean and how efficient. A pool for every house with a garden.

Surreal Photographer Todd Baxter

Todd Baxter has a story to tell. By accident he picked the medium photography. All is photo's are narrative and 100% staged. And awesome.


Drone Delivers Pizza In Mumbai

How cool! And why not?! A lot of people pay for the pizza online. No detours, no traffic jams. I'm wondering though if the drones use Google Maps. Last time I used Google Maps as navigation I arrived in the correct street but Google said my destination was on the right, but it was on the left. What does the drone do than? I predict that people get food they didn't order more than the old fashioned way.

Inside Nuclear Power Plants ... Amongst Others

Wow! My kind of photography. Luca Zanier got permission to take these beautiful photo's inside plants, amongst others nuclear power plants, for his series 'Space And Energy'. Can't get enough of them.


May 30, 2014

Tuvan Throat Singers Re-Covers

I need this! Throat singers Albert Kuvezin and Yat Kha covering Santana, Joy Division and more. Love it!

Sex - Talk About It Before They Do

How long are we using internet? Exactly. Now this is a recent commercial on dutch television. "Talk about sex with your kid before they do". On which planet did these people live? My daughter turned 16 last February. When she was a toddler I started to check internet, social media, MSN et cetera. To see what was going on there. Yeah ... I found out ... a lot of assholes over there. When she was bigger and allowed on the computer with me I never had a child lock / family filter on it. They only get more curious. Child locks / Family filter are for lazy parents. I explained everything to her. And to be honest, a porn website is easier to explain than why people are fighting in the Middle East. The first social media she was allowed to use when she was 10-11 years old was the dutch Hyves. Me and a couple of friends were on her friends list. She knew that I controlled it. Showed her the weirdo's, explained everything. When she was 13 she was allowed to have a Facebook account.

Sometimes when I tell her friends that they have to be careful with selfies, posts et cetera because nothing 'disappears' on the internet they look at me as if I tell them there's life on Mars. They don't know. I don't understand. And now, after all these years the government think of this commercial. Wow!

(Commercial in English, final text in Dutch)

May 29, 2014

Google Car ... Fugly As Hell

I know ... sustainability but I have to admit something, between you and me. 1. I like the sound of a car 2. I like to drive a car 3. I like my car to have a key and not a computer card 4. No computer in my car which is going to tell me what to do. Sorry.

At this moment I have the ugliest car in the world, it's about 8 years old, a Daihatsu Cuore Special Edition. I never asked what the special edition meant. But I think it means that I have to do everything myself. No automatic door lock, the windows I have to roll down manually and if I put the window wipers on fast the car moves. But nobody is taking away my car.

This Google car can be sustainable, efficient and more, but look at it, it's fugly! Never ever you will see me driving a car like this. Oops. It doesn't have a steering wheel nor brakes ... okay ... You will never see me sitting in a car like this. It looks like a made in Taiwan toy car, does it have a name? Dora The Driver? Christopher The Car?

Holiday Camp Beauty Contest - Hi Di Hi ... Ho Di Ho ... (1958)

I think regular beauty contests are hilarious as they are. But this vintage one tops them all. A contest in a holiday camp, which girl has the most beautiful eyes (1958).

I Could Live Here

A very functional home in Brazil. Rectangular, my favorite shape to live in. One thing though. Can someone explain to me the sockets on the wall, the middle of the wall. WTF?! I love the outside tiles. Designed by CR2 Arquitetura.