Nov 30, 2019

'The Self-Care Calendar for Festive Season Survival' - I NEED!

Canadian agency The Hive launches 'The Self-Care Calendar for Festive Season Survival' for the Mental Health Association, Canada.

I'm the Grinch, I hate the month of December. Why?

- Probably my youth. My mother forced to be merry. December 25th was her birthday, so we always 'celebrated' Sinterklaas, December 5th. On top of this I had a lot of birthdays in December.
- I have problems with forced celebrations. I will celebrate May 2nd ... August 13th ... whatever.
- I don't like the cold dark weather.
- I hate the fact that all of a sudden even the biggest asshole is 'nice & giving'.
- I love music ... I hate Christmas songs.

"According to research, 59% of people admitted to feeling sad during the holiday, while 55% lacked motivation or energy and 51% said they were fatigued. With the pressure to feel merry seeming to increase with each passing December day, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed and forget some of the keys to contentment and well-being."

Result: I survive the month of December. I'm a perfect collegue at work, I never take days off.

So if you would ask me 'What are you going to do with Christmas'? My answer will be: 'Sit on the couch with a nice bottle of white wine or a glass of whisky watching Netflix'.

Nov 23, 2019

PARTYYYYY! With David Byrne

This put a smile on my face. David Byrne and the cast of American Utopia @TheTonightShow with 'Road to Nowhere' ... it's alright! Baby, it's alright!

Nov 21, 2019

Nike Air Zoom Pulse for our everyday heroes

Finally! Suppose you're a fashionista ... with a medical profession. Did you ever notice the shoes they're wearing?? And always white? Why?

Available December 7th.:
"The Nike Air Zoom Pulse is a shoe for everyday heroes: nurses, doctors, home health providers and others who work tirelessly to support patients."

This is hilarious! Trump Ramones

Trump denials turned into a Ramones song:

How? Read it here.

Nov 18, 2019

Depressed guy adopted a cat ... and see what happens

True! I had a burn-out once, and my daughter kept me going. She had to go to school, she had to eat, she had her friends.

Read more over here.

It's that time of year: Christmas commercials!

I was checking this Dutch article on Adformatie. Christmas commercials from the UK.

A lot of feelgood, a lot of music, a lot of animation, a couple of tearjerkers. And one very honest one, from VISA.

This one from IKEA made me smile, well done:

Argos retailer is fun, sentimental with a link to the present and a wellknown song:

Marks & Spencer has dancing jumpers:

Remember! A dog is for life, not just for Christmas:

And the honest one from VISA, #WhereYouShopMatters. Real shopkeepers singing Queen encouraging shoppers to shop local:

Nerd vs Geek

What's a nerd and what's a geek in the dictionary of The Big Bang star Mayim Bialik. She, herself is a nerd AND a geek, an acctress and has a degree in neuroscience.

(an oldie but still a goodie)

Nov 17, 2019

Why do electric cars look like cars

There is this opportunity right in front of you to change the way a car looks and what happens? Electric cars look like cars. Why?

Personally I want a car to make noise, and have a key. But of course humanity killing earth I understand the electric cars. Although an electric car, using batteries et cetera is as polluting as a regular car (*sidetrack*).

It would be awesome if we would design electric cars in a complete different way. Different shapes, different interiors. Leave this to Rem Koolhaas and Joey Ruiter. Well done!

Curious? Click here

Fashion is economics [NSFW]

Exactly Princess Nokia! Fashion doesn't have anything to do with style, but with economics. You don't think it's silly to feel good in Prada and lousy in off-the-peg clothes? So you feel good if you spend a lot of money? Than you have a problem.

F**k what people think about you, it's more important what you think about yourself. Wear off-the-peg clothes to a high level event ... I do, with a big smile on my face. It's simple. If somebody doesn't like this ... it's his/her problem. To be honest, I don't even want to know a person like that.

You can read about it over here.

Nov 16, 2019

WTF!!?? ... Why help promoting virginity

A WTF moment of the day. You can buy 'virginity' pills online. Wait ... pills ... how does that work? A couple of hours before you want to fake virginity you put the pill in your vagina. It releases fake blood during the act. Totally 'innocent' of course.

It seems to me a cute sex toy if you're in to it. But for real! C'mon!

Read more about it over here.

If you don't feel like reading Dante's 'Inferno' ... Watch this!

Watch Dante's L’Inferno (1911), Italy’s first feature film.

You can read about it over here.

Nov 10, 2019

Just Thinking Out Loud - Man Repeller

Yesterday I was thinking about the Chinese Black Friday named 'Singles Day'. I was confused, what do I do? Buy myself a present? Or do I get presents? It seems to be an alternative for Valentines Day. Another 'shopping' day.

Today I'm thinking about the word 'man repeller' because of this article on Bored Panda: Woman Posts Outfit Pics Her Boyfriend Hates, Captions Each One With A Quote From Him. I checked her Instagram account, which is entertaining and noticed the #manrepeller.

I checked Urban Dictionary:
outfitting oneself in a sartorially offensive way that will result in repelling members of the opposite sex. This includes but is not limited to harem pants, boyfriend jeans, overalls (see: human repelling), shoulder pads, full length jumpsuits, jewelry that resembles violent weaponry and clogs.

–verb (used without object),-pell·ing, -pell·ed.
to commit the act of repelling men


Googled and first hit is, a popular fashion blog.
I put the filter on images and *shock* found an article on The Guardian about the Milan fashion show The 'Man Repeller' look.

All of a sudden I remembered that years ago I bought these red checkered golf trousers (I know ... I'm such a fashionista 😏). A male friend made the remark: I'm definitely not getting aroused by this. I replied: You're not the target audience.

Doesn't 'man repeller' gives to much credit to men?
Isn't 'men repeller' now another 'shopping' invention?

Have to think about this.

Women in the Gaming Industry

Before we had sustainability and now the 'Diversity and Inclusion' as a topic within almost all big corporates.

I'm from Holland, Amsterdam. Single mother, half Indonesian, 'old' and doesn't fit the mediocre. I had to smile when all this started. "Probably needed in the US" I thought, but not here in Europe. I have to admit, I was mistaken.

I was reading this article in the Mary Sue just now: Where Are the Women in the Gaming Industry?. I hope my audience will think that it's an 'open door', but as said in the article:

"Well, perhaps you should look into the larger reasons that women aren’t applying, rather than assuming it is because women just don’t want to be part of the fun. Have you considered that for a lot of women gaming has not always been fun, even if they love it?"

My daughter is a gamer, she's rather plays solo and if she's playing in an online team she never says something. She once did and all the guys made smart remarks. Good luck with trying to educate the male population worldwide.