Oct 29, 2017

I work at Getty Images but I had a hard time getting this

Or does the title needs to be "I work at Getty Images so I h

Where my friends got it from, I don't know, but it's good!

PHAIDON 'The Art of the Erotic' (2017) [NSFW]

Wow! Want!

"Carefully curated and beautifully packaged erotic art through the ages – 170 works from the world's most important artists."


I could live here

1. It's in Italy
2. It's concrete

Love it!


Are you bored?

If you're bored on this Sunday late afternoon, play around with this online Spirograph.

Oct 22, 2017

Stolen camera finder

'Stolen camera finder'. Nice one! Simple and could work.

Upload a photo and it searches the web for other photo's taken with the same camera by means of the serial number.

Indeed very uncomfortable

The Uncomfortable is a collection of deliberately inconvenient everyday objects by Athens-based architect Katerina Kamprani.

(Thanks Isabel)

Can you keep a straight face?

The panel had to, I don't think they've managed. Keeping a straight face with these tambourine skills by Gonzo is almost impossible.


The meaning of sailor tattoos

Didn't know this.


Smithsonian's crowdsourced history of rock ’n’ roll photography

It's a website, it's a book. As far as I can see you can still submit your photo's. Nice project!


Land Lines - A Chrome experiment

I kept on drawing ... I had to ... Land Lines - A Chrome experiment.

Oct 21, 2017

There's no need to be upset

If you are ... watch this ... 10 hours long.

Animations by Esteban Diacono

Very grotesque animations by Argentinian motion graphics designer Esteban Diacono. I love it!


Well ... this is news

"Story About Anna Faris In “Brighter Spirits” From Dating Again Is Fake News"

'Anna Faris' ... don't know her, vaguely remember seeing her zapping away
'Brighter Spirits' ... ?????
'dating again' ... who cares
'fake news' ... WTF, I guess there's more important news, fake or not.


People!!!! Get a life!

Prophets Of Rage 'Strength In Numbers'

'Strength In Numbers' from the Prophets Of Rage debut album.

How to pet animals the save way

Very good information, although the cat infographic doesn't apply to one of my cats, Cookie.