Mar 31, 2017

I could live here: Villa Santo Sospir - The house Jean Cocteau lived in

Villa Santo Sospir is Francine Weissweiller's villa in the South of France. Jean Cocteau used it for his two films in the sixties: 'La Villa Santo Sospir' and 'Testament of Orpheus'. And decided to stay there for 13 years.


Fiat 500 Ferves Ranger

I never heard of and never saw the Fiat 500 Ferves Ranger. It looks cute! Circa 600 were made between 1967 and 1971. 50 are still around.


Penis seat in the Mexico City Metro

A campaign in Mexico City. Part art project and part PSA, it's supposedly there to highlight the sexual harassment experienced by female passengers. A well-meant campaign but I doubt the effect.


Brew your own beer the Sumerian way

This is probably the oldest written recipe. How to brew Sumerian beer. It's supposed to be very strong and contains chunks of bread.

Someone reads Sumerian?


William Powell regretted writing The Anarchist Cookbook

Last year the writer of The Anarchist Cookbook, William Powell died of a heart attack (R.I.P.). He wrote the book when he was 19 years old. Later in life he regretted he wrote it and became a Christian.

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Never kick a dog

Karma is a bitch


Max Cooper and Science

Max Cooper has a new science inspired project: Emergence. Listen and watch his latest video 'Unbounded' (video by Morgan Beringer).

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Unbounded (Official video by Morgan Beringer) from Max Cooper on Vimeo.

Mar 30, 2017

Business cards from the Chicago gangs

Did you know (you probably didn't) that the Chicago gangs had business cards back in the 1960s - 1990s? I didn't.

Well they did. If we can believe Brandon Johnson's book, Thee Almighty & Insane.

I love 'Masters in crime / Killers of slime'.

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Mar 29, 2017

Cool! The Husqvarna 256 Thage service bike

*Husqvarna ... from Sweden (old Dutch Husqvarna sowing machine commercial)*

The Husqvarna 256 Thage Motorcycle is a modern take on a rare service bike from the sixties. Including a pair of ski's. It's beautiful. I would like to have one (without the ski's).


I don't remember how I got on this website ... but ... WTF?!

Nurseweb from Japan. Filled with hilarious nurse photo's. Free downloads.

Is it a shark? ... No, it's the Alpha Centauri Hydroplane

Wow! Very black, very agressive. "A fighter jet for the water". It wants to combine luxury and speed.


M.C. Escher - Adventures in perception

M.C. Escher (1898 - 1972) was “a Dutch graphic artist known for his often mathematically inspired woodcuts, lithographs, and mezzotints. These feature impossible constructions, explorations of infinity, architecture, and tessellations.” (Wikipedia).

Recreating history

Very nice.

"Moments in history, whether bigger or more intimate, are often recreated in film. This produces something that is transcending, powerful and nevertheless, haunting.

Music: Mica Levi - Vanity"

RECREATING HISTORY from Vugar Efendi on Vimeo.

A Swiss castle-find car collection??!!

I wish I had find this car collection. And no, these are not total wrecks surrounded by hay. For sale at Bonhams.


The age you peak at everything ... according to science

Ofcourse! It's true because it's science ... mm ... mm

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Cubist tattoos by Mike Boyd

Wow! I like very much! Very colorful Cubist tattoos by Mike Boyd.


Mar 26, 2017

Boo-Hooray posted avant-garde posters up for sale

The Boo-Hooray Top 100. 100 Counter culture posters. You can see and buy them here.

*If I was a rich woman*