Jul 16, 2014

I Can Live Here

Put this house in Amsterdam and I could definitely live here. It's a garden pavilion by Oliv Brunner Volk Architekten in Switzerland.


Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

US journalist Esther Honig send a portrait to Photoshoppers in different countries with the question: Make me beautiful. See the results.
















Sharon Van Etten 'Our Love'

Sharon Van Etten's 'Our Love' from 'Are We There', out now. Video directed by Karen Collins.

Jul 15, 2014

Jordan's RE2PECT commercial

I don't know Derek Jeter, I don't know much about baseball. But what I know is that this commercial is good. Period.

Car Wash Incident

This is a 6 min excerpt. I have to see the whole video installation. Intriguing.

"Car Wash Incident" by Jack+Leigh Ruby, former con artists who have re-conceptualized their original fabricated insurance scam "evidence" as multimedia art, after over a decade in prison.

Everything including the people are doubled.
What appears as 4 characters engaged in an intrigue driving around the lot of a car wash is actually
8 characters on a set with two of everything:
people, street corners, cars, signs, trash cans, tufts of grass, fire hydrants, etc have all been doubled, expanding the narrative possibilities of a simple task: the delivery of a plastic bag.
The actors improvised dialogues of contradictory story lines as they performed the circular event.

Car Wash Incident –– 6 min. excerpt –– dual screen video installation from Leigh Ruby on Vimeo.

Best Science Teacher Ever

"I Wish I'd Had A Science Teacher Like This" ... Yeah, me too.

Sorry ... Not Sorry ...

And another one. I hope that these kind of 'educational' video's by brands will work. Good cause. I don't believe it. It's becoming a hype, sustainability, 'green', discrimination. Double feelings. Personally these video's annoy me at the moment. Shine and be strong. Sure. Pam, your hair dances.

Feck Perfuction

Graphic designer James Victore has written down his typography rules in his own typical 'handwriting'.


A Drone, A GoPro & Humpback Whales

Let a drone with a GoPro fly above humpback whales and you get this awesome footage. Too sweet.

Word Crimes

A parody by Weird Al Yankovic of Blurred Lines (Robin Thicke).

Everybody shut up ... and listen / watch. And work on that grammar. Let Weird Al educate you.

And for the people who missed the original:

Jul 13, 2014

Where Are Your Roots?

Anatomical Roots by French artist Thade. See more on Behance. Religion, anatomy, nature, all of this in root-like drawings. I like!

via (thanks Yam)

IKEA Beds By Mother London

Talking about nightmares. Wow! We have a jumper. It reminds me all of a sudden of that old Bubble Girl game. Beautifully done, but a bit too dramatic for me.


Behind the scenes:

Children's Nightmares

Creepy shit! Surreal photographer Arthur Tress brought children's nightmares to life in this 1960s series.


Do They Like You? - Do You Like You?

Surprising song / video by Colbie Caillat 'Try'. Anti Photoshop. Pro natural beauty and self esteem. Feel annoyed that I call it surprising. Why?! *think*

Social Media Image Size Cheat Sheet

Very handy infographic by Constant Contact, the image sizes for different social media. KEEP!


Carnaby Backpacks By Fleming London

These handmade leather Carnaby backpacks by Fleming London are very pretty. What an eye for detail. Just give me the red one. They're only $ 513.