Oct 17, 2008

Oct 14, 2008

The Album Leaf 'Always For You'

Little People - A Tiny Street Art Project

A very nice project by an anonymous English artist, going by the name of Slinkachu. Little People in London.

Click here for more info

Alex Pardee (art)


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Collabtive (Software)

Collabtive is a collaboration software, like BaseCamp, only Collabtive is an open source solution. As far as I can see it's quite easy to use.

Click here for more information & download.

Peri Peri (Japanese Gadget)

Can anyone guess what this is??????

Exactly ... a keychain, so you can experience over and over and over again the opening of a box or big envelop. Wanna feel happy? Play with your PeriPeri.

Click here to read all the possibilities.

Ohra 'Baby Bassie' (commercial)

Dutch people will probably have to smile more than people from other countries. I couldn't help it, laughing I mean, especially with the baby going 'pidipidipidipi'. Sorry :)

Oct 12, 2008

Paco De Lucia, John McLaughlin & Al Di Meola 'Rio Ancho'

Just For Fun

Not online that much

Sorry to who ever is reading my blog. I've been very busy lately with red-tape, new home, work, daily problems & ofcourse trying to find myself a new job. I promis I will be back and I will try to post some nice stuff in between chores.

Oct 10, 2008

Croquet Software Demo Movie (August 2007)

Developped by the designer of Apple Mac, educational software, peer to peer ... looks good

Oct 2, 2008

Adele 'Cold Shoulder'


Do you have some extra money? Go ahead ... own a song

This is what they say about themselves:
"What We Do

Everybody has "that song." The one that lifts you up – or calms you down. The one that calls for more volume and passionate car singing. The one that floods you with memories of way back when. The one you and your love call "your song."

What if that song could actually be your song? Now it can.

By connecting songwriters with fans through auctions, SongVest is transforming the music industry. We've created a new patent pending venue for the trading of artists' intellectual and commercial property—their song rights and associated royalty streams.

And because all transactions are reviewed and managed by legal and financial experts to make sure they're entirely lawful and future royalty payments are sent promptly, buyers can play their song all the way to the bank."

New Types Of Hotels

Two new types of hotels, since this year also at Schiphol in Amsterdam. Looks cool, I would make a reservation for 1 night just for fun :)



Hovis (commercial)

beautiful commercial from the UK. Boy running through 122 years of history. This is the HD full length version.