Feb 27, 2012

Superman Caped Socks

Run faster than a speeding bullet in Superman Caped Socks. You can buy them here for only $9.99.


Feb 26, 2012


Hooray for Hollywood.

"contemporary photographer terry richardson presents 'terrywood', a visualization of the images which comprise his hometown of hollywood, at ohwow gallery. the installation includes twenty-five new photos investigating issues of celebrity in addition to the kitsch and character which symbolize the more gritty reality of the los angeles aesthetic. the photographer's reinterpretation of this (in)famous city is a celebration and illustration of a place which seems to be both very familiar and also raw to him-- as if these locals and characters had been just discovered rather than ones in which he had been raised with."



I Am Licktorious.

To promote Chupa Chups’ interactive Facebook game ‘Chupa Chucker’, BBH Singapore created a campaign. The video ‘R4V3N: NEVER NOT WINNING’ portrays Karl Walraven as the undefeated champion of Chupa Chucker, and invites viewers to beat his high score and win his previous World Champion trophy. But R4v3n has a “secret weapon”: the ‘N-Joystick’, “the world’s first mouth-operated joystick”, according to BBH Singapore. The joystick is designed to deliver “a uniquely delicious playing experience”, as users slot a Chupa Chup into the shaft and use their mouth to control and play the game.

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Never heard of 'her', 'she's' terrific. Pandemonia rules!

Originally an "art piece" satirising celebrity culture, Pandemonia has now become a celebrity in her own right and a fixture in the social scene. Here, Crane.tv gets a rare insight into the personality behind the plastic and the reasons for her existence. Following her around London Fashion Week, we witness the paparazzi madness first-hand.



Office Speak

And it can be yours for only $ 11.99

Save time and effort in your office by stamping out the office speak phrase you use the most with the Office Speak Rubber Stamp. This rotating stamp includes 12 useful phrases that are absolutely required of any office drone such as “in the loop” and “paradigm shift” and “outside the box” and the classic “on the same page”.


Skull Portraits

Intuition: skull portraits made by Cartsen Witte – “One main idea behind my work is the belief that everything is constantly changing but photography can preserve the moment. Beauty is almost nothing without the knowledge of how fast it will fade …”


Gonjasufi 'The Blame'

Gonjasufi with 'The Blame' taken from the recently released MU.ZZ.LE.

Alex Webb, Leica & Chicago

"This photo essay, part of our collaboration with Magnum Photos, documents Alex Webb's exploration of Chicago and the Loop. Inspired in part by one of his early influences, Ray Metzker's "My Camera and I in the Loop," he explores the streets of the US's "Second City." Though unlike the street photographers of the so-called Chicago School (Callahan, Metzger, Sturr, Sterling), Alex Webb has chosen to photograph the city's multitudinous character in color. Having spent most of his 30 year long career shooting outside of the US, Alex Webb turns his lens to his home nation during this very important election year."



High Hooves


German designer Iris Shieferstein creates footwear from body parts of dead animals. She uses horse hooves and skin, snake skin and even whole dead birds as decorations.


Team Spirit 'Fuck The Beach'

Team Spirit is the latest project from Ayad Al-Adhamy, the synth and samples dude from Passion Pit. Their new single "Fuck The Beach" is an edgy power-pop banger, and the video finds the band in some pretty unusual circumstances.

Feb 25, 2012

The Obsessive Advertising Professional

For this year’s annual AAF Dallas ADDY awards, agency TM Advertising created ads that celebrate the ‘obsessive’ advertising professional.



Cypress x Rusko 'Roll It, Light It'

Official video for Cypress x Rusko's "Roll It, Light It." Cypress x Rusko drops in April. Directed by: Jodeb.

Star Wars Brock's Dub

This is hilarious!

"Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope" get's the Brock's Dub treatment.

Mockumentary On Imaginary Photographer Clayton Sotos

Tech companies often like to create mini-documentaries featuring creatives who use their products. Well, it appears that some creatives are trying to troll Dell by spreading this ridiculous short video that explores the work of “renowned photographer Clayton Sotos“. It’s supposedly part of a new “Visual Innovators” series by Dell, and has amassed tens of thousands of views already since being uploaded yesterday. The most common comment left on the video is, “…”. Be warned: Soto’s subject matter may be disturbing to some of you and probably isn’t work safe for most of you.



Daft Punk Revisited On Vintage Game Systems


This week Da Chip released their Volume 2, after having released the first one in 2009. Da Chip Volume 2 – The Music of Daft Punk Revisited on Vintage Game Systems.


Yuna ‘Live Your Life’

The official music video for "Live Your Life", the first single off Yuna's forthcoming full-length album, out April 2012.

The Day The World Went Away

The Day The World Went Away’ is an editorial/film photographed and directed by Pierre Debusschere and styled by Melina Nicolaide for the recent sixth issue of Under/Current magazine, featuring models Yannick Abrath and Yumi in this amazing ‘human video mapping’ production by 254forest.



Rolf Harris 'Stairway To Heaven'

Rolf Harris with his own version of Led Zeppelin's 'Stairway to Heaven' (1993). Now I start to hum Rawhide Rawhide Rawhide.

WW2 Soldiers In Color

'Strictly unpolitical video' ... WWII in color and HD.

Yuksek 'Off The Wall'

Yuksek 'Off The Wall', directed by Romain Segaud, 2012.

Polaroid SX-70

This ad from the 70's describes the Polaroid SX-70, a Land camera with complex optics and advanced features that brought immediate-results photography via the Polaroid system.



Birthday Cake In The Face

Parody of 'Birthday Cake' by Rihanna ft Chris Brown. Lyrics quoted directly from Rihanna's police report.

QR Code Glow Images Benelux

Cool! Done via


Barack Mandela

Just got an sms from a friend: Take a look at Barack Obama and Nelson Mandela laughing out loud! They look alike! Google it and check it yourself. What do you think? (Thanks Ans & Bi)

Cesar Fun

Fun moments of Cesar Milan, the dog whisperer.

Technology To Create Magic

TEDTalk by Shilo Shiv Suleman.

Has our technology -- our cell phones and iPods and cameras -- stopped us from dreaming? Young artist Shilo Shiv Suleman says no, as she demos "Khoya," her new storybook for iPad, which floats us through a magical world in 7 minutes of pure creativity.

Periodic Table Table


Some people collect stamps. Wolfram Research co-founder and author Theo Gray collects elements. Step into his office, and you'll see a silicon disc engraved with Homer Simpson, a jar of mercury, uranium shells and thousands of other chemical artifacts. But his real DIY masterpiece is the world's first "periodic table table." Within this masterfully constructed table-top lay samples of nearly every element known to man, minus the super-radioactive ones.

Theo Gray is 2011 winner of the ACS Grady Stack Award for Interpreting Chemistry for the Public. The Periodic Table Table is a testament to Theo's love for chemistry -- as well as his Ebay buying habits -- and is full of fascinating stories. Come see for yourself in the latest episode of Bytesize Science.

Bob Ross Reinvented

iPaint by Thijme Termaat. The new Bob Ross.

The Remains Of A Used Car Lot

Sad series of photo's.

Matt Harbicht's most recent project documents the closing of a successful and respected car lot in his neighborhood. The series ‘Hollywood Ford’ is a beautifully shot insight into the uncertainty of the modern economic climate.


60 Years Of Mr Potato Head

Back to history, using your own potato was best.


Philippe Starck: Peugeot City Bike For Bordeaux, France

At least you will recognize tourists in the city.

"french designer philippe starck in collaboration with french car brand peugeot has developed a bike for the city of bordeaux, france's bike sharing program. considered a cross between a bicycle and a scooter, the design is set to promote and continue encouraging citizens to chose this mode of transportation within the city, which has seen the number of cyclists triple in the last 15 years following the implementation of a initiatives such as limited car traffic and developing the tramway."


Wheel Of Fortune Clock

I like! Normally I think having a clock in a room is a waste of space, but this one I like.


That Certain Posture

Hilarious! ... Pre-War and Victorian postures.

Women's Posture Tutorial from The Elizabeth Arden (1932). A fascinating little clip mostly because we see and hear cosmetics queen Elizabeth Arden talking about posture.

Feb 24, 2012

The Nyan Cat Variations


“Nyan Cat Variations” by Craig Davis Pinson is a 17 minute musical composition for classical ensemble based on the infamous Nyan Cat theme. It was performed by the Juventas New Music Ensemble at The Boston Conservatory on February 9.

"This is a set of variations written on the melody heard in the Youtube video Nyan Cat [original]. It is an experiment, in which I tried to find the limits of how far I could transform the melody before it begins losing its identity. The theme is known as Nyanyanyanyanyanyanya!, originally posted by username daniwellP on the Japanese video sharing website, Nico Nico Douga. The Nyan Cat phenomenom has become ingrained in popular culture, and amazes me both in its sheer absurdity and its freakishly colossal popularity. However, fascinating as they are to me, the origins of the theme are not played upon in this composition. Instead, I treated Nyanyanyanyanyanyanya! as pure musical material from which to generate music. The motivation to use this theme came from my repeated viewings of the video, and slowly realizing that it is a strangely alluring melody. Therefore, this is my tribute to Nyan Cat."

The Simpsons Intro's In Slow Motion

The intro of the 500 episode of the Simpsons, with music, and slowed to .125 so we can actually see it ... 250 slides some are expanded to make them last a little longer.

First Helicopters

Creepy! I like the music though.

World's First Helicopters - The Good, The Bad and The Sheer Dangerous! using various videos from the British Pathe film archive.

Pink Floyd Dole Banana


This commercial was made in 1973 and ran to 1974 'Dole banana, if you feel it peel it'.
Pink Floyd Album: The Dark Side of the Moon
Song: The Great Gig in the Sky

Feb 23, 2012

Beware The Googlighting Stranger

Commercial by Microsoft.

"What happens when the world's largest advertising business tries to sell productivity software on the side? Beware the Googlighting Stranger."

Inside Foxconn

There's only one solution for this situation: boycot.

"Bill Weir takes an in-depth look into the factory that makes Apple products."

Feb 22, 2012

Santigold 'Disparate Youth'

New track from Santigold, 'Disparate Youth'. Sounds good.

Yasiin Bey (FKA Mos Def) 'Niggas In Poorest'


"Here is the video for Niggas in Poorest by Yassin Bey F.K.A Mos Def. The video was directed by Yasiin Bey & Set Free, edited by Andre Cole and "produced by Yasiin Bey, Set Free and Andre Cole for Fellowship Mission"."

Maddie Balancing On Things

Dogs and physics.

"Atlanta-based photographer Theron Humphrey is currently on a year-long trip through each of America’s 50 states, and is using a unique photo project idea to document it: he has his coonhound named Maddie — his travelling companion — balance on various things in the different places they visit."


Hugo Boss's Keel Walk

8 tonnes of carbon fibre yacht, a 255 horsepower jet ski, 45 combined years of sailing experience, and one crazy guy in a suit.

Alex Thomson attempts what he calls 'The Keel Walk', a stunt that has become infamous throughout the world thanks to the iconic image of Alex 'riding' the keel of his 60ft yacht 'HUGO BOSS'.

The World Is In Play

Sony Playstation Vita 'World Is In Play', worldwide introduction commercial. Developed by 180Amsterdam.


The making of

Feb 21, 2012

Raymond Scott's POWERHOUSE

Feb 20th was the 75th birthday of Raymond Scott's POWERHOUSE. Happy Birthday!



Killin' Me Softly

Fashion shoot by Formento+Formento.

"For this shoot we wanted to give the viewer a narrative on how the protagonist, Mr. Alvaro lures these beautiful women into his mansion, dresses them up fantastically to give them a false hope of royalty only to add them to his macabre collection."

Teens React To Toddlers & Tiaras

Result: It's wrong!

The Dynasphere

You can compare it a bit with the motorbikes-with-roof contraptions nowadays ... but different. Looks cool!

"The Dynasphere! Psychotic 1930s Vehicle!"

I Am Breakfast

Sweet bathing.

Feb 20, 2012

35 Foot Camera

Vanishing Cultures, documenting Americans with a 35 foot camera. A project on Kickstarter.

"Vanishing Cultures is an ambitious photography project by Dennis Manarchy to document people who represent different fading corners of American culture. Their images will be captured by the Eye of America Camera, a unique 35 foot long trailer-mounted film camera that creates massive 4.5 by 6 foot negatives (a working prototype is pictured above). The negatives will be used to create incredibly detailed 24 foot tall prints for exhibition."

4D Art Park

What about a park near Amsterdam??!! Wow!

"Live Park is completely unique, an entire theme park, dedicated to a 4D art experience full of seamless user controlled interactivity at every turn …

From live human-meets-screen interactive performances, to entire motion controlled rooms, Live Park has just about everyone to make anyone who’s into art, digital, creative or motion book their next flight to Korea to check this thing out!"



Helga & Treasure

Two short animations created by students of Ringling College of Art and Design. Very good!

via and via

Helga by Justin Sklar about a blind date


Treasure by Chelsea Bartlett about an old woman on a yunk yard

Avoid Eye Contact

An interactive video screen using Kinect motion-sensors to raise awareness for Autism Speaks. The little girl avoids eye contact; one of the most prominent signs of the disorder in children. "Avoiding eye contact could be a sign of autism". (by BBDO)

Feb 19, 2012

Ballet Soldier

Soldier on pointe.

A Monster.com direct mail ad campaign.
Brief: "To remind people of the problem of being stuck in the wrong job and to reinforce Monster.com as the best platform for finding the right job."


Did You Ever ... ?

Have you ever had a dream like this? Did you?

Frank Zappa - The Decline Of The Music Business

Frank Zappa explains the decline and fall of the music business and comes to a surprising conclusion that the older generation was better for pushing new wave music that they didn't understand than the supposedly younger/hipper music executives.

Kama Sutra By Malika Favre

Penguin Classics Deluxe Edition “KAMA SUTRA” illustrated by London based French illustrator Malike Favre.