Feb 28, 2011

Al Qaeda Attacks Internet

Al Qaeda attacks internet with photo of adorable piglet. The Onion did it again, hilarious!

I'm A Man!

Let's take a drive through the desert ... OMG, flat tire. Just drive on two wheels and fix this minor problem without losing time.

Creative With Wool

A time-lapse video of an Amigurumi bear creating itself. Amigurumi ... hmm, this would make a nice hobby ... instead of blogging.

Monsters Of My Twenties

Monsters Of My Twenties by Grant Snider.

Thom Yorke Kills Justin Bieber

Hahahaha! Nice one, Thom Yorke killing Justin Bieber.

Dance The Batusi

Batman dances the Batusi.

The OtamaTone

Is it a flute? Does it sing? Do you have to feed it? ... New musical instrument, the OtamaTone.

Shiva Flower Vase

A real must-have, the Shiva Flower Vase.



"moviebarcode is a nifty new Tumblr that consists of a series of “barcodes” made by compressing every frame of a given movie into a single image. These really do give you a feel for the prevalent colors within a given movie (above: The Matrix), and devoted fans may even be able to figure out roughly what is occurring within a given movie during a given band of color: For instance, the seasonal, stylized structure of Hero is very apparent in its barcode. Here’s hoping that guessing movies by their barcodes becomes the new parlor game among film geeks."


Dr Dre 'I Need A Doctor'

Dr. Dre 'I Need A Doctor' (explicit) ft Eminem & Skylar Grey. This is the new single from what is said the last album of Dr Dre.

Neozoon - Fur Coat Recycling

NEOZOON is a european art collective which questions the relationship between man and animal in a western urban surrounding. They recycle fur coats. Cool work. Check their website.

Green Machine Plays Rage Against The Machine

George Mason Green Machine plays Rage Against The Machine. Look at the girl with the red shirt ... move it Girl!


On Time.is you can:

* Find out what the exact time is right now at any of 7 million locations around the world
* Check the accuracy of your clock
* Compare time at different locations

You will also find:

* Calendar
* Sunrise and sunset times
* Information about which time zone a location belongs to
* Information about today's holidays and observances
* Latitudes and longitudes
* Integrated, full screen Google Maps
* Population numbers
* Key information about every country in the world

Time.is is friendly to mobile devices. It uses minimal bandwidth and the design is adapted to small screens.
Precision - synchronized with atomic clock time

Time.is is synchronized with an atomic clock - the most accurate time source in the world. The displayed time will normally have a precision of 0.02-0.10 seconds. The precision depends on your internet connection and how busy your computer is.
What makes Time.is exact

* Time.is displays the time for your detected (or chosen) location, not the time according to your computer's clock.
* The server which hosts Time.is is synchronized to atomic clock time.
* Time.is adjusts to DST (Daylight Saving Time) even if your computer clock doesn't.
* Time.is is always updated with the latest information about DST transitions and time zone modifications.
* The displayed time is not just updated once a second, but at the beginning of every second. Many web clocks, and even the clock of some operating systems, will update the seconds at an arbitrary time within the second, and will drift when the computer is busy, causing jumps of two seconds when the drift has accumulated to a second.
* If you adjust your computer clock, Time.is will issue a resynchronization.
* Time.is is hosted on a modern, quick, dedicated server, which delivers the requested page in minimum time.
* The code for Time.is is trimmed and light-weight, thus eliminating latency caused by the time it takes for the page to load and render.
* Synchronization via Ajax ensures maximum accuracy.


Time.is aims to be the most accurate, the most reliable and the most user-friendly source of time and time related information on the web. Although we do our best to provide correct information, no warranty is given, and any use of information provided by Time.is is at your own risk. Population numbers may not be recent. If you find any errors, please notify us!

Daddy Dancing

A very cool dad. Look at him dancing on his slippers.

Feb 27, 2011

Romania's Got Talent

Oops ... didn't expect this ...

Hungry Fox

Look at this fox dive into the snow to catch a mouse.


Uhm ... okay ... interesting ...

Performance of Matryomin (matrioshka shaped theremin) by Matryomin ensemble 'Mable'.

Guess What I Just Saw Going Down The Street?

This is cute! Listen to the sound ...

Style Wars

Yess! The entire 'Style Wars' documentary in parts on YouTube.

"Style Wars... is the original Hip Hop documentary. STYLE WARS is regarded as the indispensable document of New York Street culture and subway graffiti art of the early '80s, the filmic record of a golden age of youthful creativity that exploded into the world from a city in crisis."

Radiohead 'Feral'

Unofficial video for the Radiohead song 'Feral' from The King Of Limbs.

RADIOHEAD | FERAL | THE KING OF LIMBS from steven murashige on Vimeo.

Pachimon Playing Cards

"In the early 1970s, the Kewpie Corporation (maker of Kewpie brand mayonnaise) produced a deck of promotional playing cards featuring various pachimon kaiju (imitation monsters modeled after creatures from popular movies and TV shows)."

Follow link to view all.

Volkswagen Split-Window Logo Buses

"Original Volkswagen dealer logo book scans of Volkswagen split-window buses."

Follow link for more.

Project Excelsior - Jump From Space 1959 - 1960

Project Excelsior proved you CAN jump from space. Over several jumps in 1959 - 1960, Joe Kittinger demonstrated how a high-altitude pilot could abandon his craft and live to tell the tale.

Jumping From Space from Mark Gray on Vimeo.

Merry Clayton 'Gimme Shelter'

Merry was the woman dueting with Mick on the Rolling Stones' original 1969 recording of "Gimme Shelter". Who better to interpret it the following year than Merry herself? She's accompanied on keys by her friend, the immeasurably important Billy Preston, who was as much the Sixth Stone as the Fifth Beatle in these years. The galloping roar of guitar may be David T. Walker, although the album credits don't clarify.

35mm - Movie Quizz

»35mm« is a shortfilm about cinema itself. We picked 35 of our favorite movies and tried to simplifly them as far as possible. The outcome is a 2 minute journey through the history of film.
Take a close look and tell us if you've recognized them all!

Concept / Layout: Sarah Biermann, Torsten Strer, Felix Meyer, Pascal Monaco
Animation: Felix Meyer, Pascal Monaco
Sound: Torsten Strer

35mm from Pascal Monaco on Vimeo.

CG Characters In Movies

A short history of CG characters in movies.

a short history of CG characters in movies from lnrdshelby on Vimeo.

Wrist Watches From Famous Auto Brands

I take the first one please. Thank you.

"The tradition of producing wrist watches under auto brand name starts in the early 20 th century when the first wrist watch has appeared. Many legendary car manufacturers produce their own line of watches dedicated to anniversaries and special occasions in the life of brands. Most auto makers have contracts with famous watch companies and produce watches with their labels. But some auto makers such as Lamborghini and Porsche prefer to have their own watch factory and produce their own wrist watches. These watches from the first sketches to design of gift packaging are entirely made by specialists of legendary auto brands."

Follow link for more.

Art By Xiau-Fong

"Xiau-Fong is an artist of the Bay area employing paints and brushes as her main tools for expression, as weel as drawings using charcoal, colored pencils and a variety of other mediums. She explores the challenges of everyday life and translates her thoughts and experiences into surreal whimsical images. Each window, leading to another world, tells of a story, hints at an underlying message and provides a small adventure for people looking in from the outside. She finds inspiration in the bizarre, and strange, as well as the beauty of what nature has to offer, the challenge is to balance the weird with the wonderful and create an altered view of aesthetics."

Follow link for more.

Period Panties

Love them! Want them! And not only for wearing when I have my period :).

You can buy them here.

Banksy In LA

Banksy's trip to Los Angeles ... can't leave without a signature.

"The boy shooting crayons (below) is located in Westwood, home of UCLA. As a Bruin myself, I can tell you firsthand that many students have made the trip to see Banksy's work."

follow link for more.

Awh! And They Lived Happily Ever After ...


Brian Dettmer - The Book Carver

"Using knives, tweezers and surgical tools, Brian Dettmer carves one page at a time. Nothing inside the out-of-date encyclopedias, medical journals, illustration books, or dictionaries is relocated or implanted, only removed."

Follow link te see more.

Track World Cup

Highlights from 3 days of world class action from Manchester's National Cycling Centre.

TRACK WORLD CUP | MANCHESTER | A SHORT FILM from British Cycling on Vimeo.

Songs In Real Life

written / directed by Steve Kardynal

Making A Book In The Early Days Of Print

Making a book in the early days of print ... A very time-consuming process.


Cool animal: The mudskipper, a fish living mainly on land.

Brendan George Ko

Brendan George Ko 'Who Am I?'

" I have lived amongst the yuccas and coyotes of New Mexico. I have surfed with the craziest sons of bitches I have ever met during my time in Texas. I grew up on the outskirts of Toronto, ON, and lived half my life moving through America, with endless road trips, and faces of so many, dear human beings.

I see every photograph I take as a document; a document of a memory, a document of a person; a time and place, a feeling and a trace (of something that once was, something worth remembering). I am creating and recreating a history of all that I am, with words, and images, so that I can remember beyond my memory, for a record of being."

Above And Beyond 'Sun & Moon'

Above and Beyond - Sun & Moon from Dan Stafford-Clark on Vimeo.

Pulpbooks - Read Yourself Interesting

"Pulp Books in South Africa provide a personal service for customers, searching for appropriate books in response to email enquiries. That service is highlighted in “Read Yourself Interesting”, a print advertising campaign featuring bookcase heads in social settings. “Let us recommend you something”."

Advertising Agency: Lowe Bull, Johannesburg, South Africa