Feb 28, 2010


SABER by madsteez from MADSTEEZ on Vimeo.

Nobody Beats The Drum 'Grinding'

Carlsberg Sport 'Bee Race'

Nike 'The Human Chain'

Wieden+Kennedy, Portland, USA

Peugeot BB1

BETC Euro RSCG, Paris, France

The Israel Women’s Network: Prostitution

Mccann Erickson, Tel Aviv, Israel


Colenso BBDO, Auckland, New Zealand


"Smoking is being a slave to tobacco"

I don't think this campaign is shocking but the idea behind it I don't understand. The comparison. Smoking is an addiction. The image refers to sexual abuse.

I've showed it to my 12y old daughter and without me telling her anything she didn't figure it out. I told her it's an anti-smoking campaign and she said 'what does sex have to do with it?'

BDDP & Fils, Paris, France

Head Kenzan Japanese Massager

This is something I've been missing my whole life :s.

All these inventions. Why don't they invent a handy tool to put bodymilk on your back?

Jesse Thomas 'The State Of The Internet'

JESS3 / The State of The Internet from Jesse Thomas on Vimeo.

Neck Traction

"Wrap the comfortable inflatable cushioning around your neck and inflate or deflate to the desired pressure with the attached easy to use hand pump."

Comfortable???????? It looks more like torture to me.

Feb 8, 2010

My Parents Were Awesome

Check out this website with photo's from parents. Quite an honor to be on it ... isn't it? Especially the 'were' word.

Kinderboerderij De Werf, Amsterdam

In dutch this time, for a good cause. Please save 'kinderboerderij De Werf'.

"Beste vrienden en collega's...

Een noodoproep namens mijn grote hobby/passie/echte leven - Kinderboerderij de Werf in Amsterdam Watergraafsmeer.
De locale stadsdeel heeft onze verzoek voor een verhoging van de subsidie afgewezen. Dit betekent dat wij een grote gaat hebben in onze budget. We moeten 30.000 euro zien te werven of we moeten sluiten per 1 augustus.
De kinderboerderij is 15 jaar geleden begonnen als een buurtinitiatief en is 7 dagen per week open en gratis! Om aan moderne eisen, zowel wettelijk als social, te voldoen hebben we onlangs geinvesteerd in een nieuwe kantine en de professionele opleiding van twee beheerders. We hebben een duidelijke visie voor de toekomst waarbij meer activiteiten voor en door de buurt en meer educatieve programma's op het agenda staan. Doch met slechts een waarderingsdonatie van de stadsdeel komen wij niet. We zijn daarom deze week begonnen met een sponsoractie waarbij ik ook deze gelegenheid neem om iedereen die ik ken schaamteloos te vragen om een bijdrage.

Ik hoop dat ik iedereen kan bewegen om minimaal E25,- te doneren voor de toekomst van de kinderboerderij. Details zijn in de bijgevoegde folder!

Alvast bedankt!"

Feb 2, 2010

Augmented Reality Idea To Make Transparent Walls

This is cool

Vibram FiveFingers: Moc

These look so comfortable

Kinekt Design's Gear Ring

I would like to have one. Perhaps it makes me smoke less cigarettes

Peugeot B1K Bicycle Concept

This is a pretty bike.

The Visible Human Project

"This movie contains over 1800 cross-section images of a male body. To obtain these images, the body of an executed murderer was embedded in gelatin, frozen, sliced crosswise into more than 1800 millimeter slices, then digitally photographed - resulting in over 15 gigabytes of data."

The Simpsons & Coldplay

Coldplay on the Simpsons from Coldplay on Vimeo.

Peter Gabriel 'My Body Is A Cage' (Arcade Fire)

From Peter Gabriel's new (cover) album Scratch My Back, out feb 15th.

01 “Heroes” (David Bowie)
02 “The Boy in the Bubble” (Paul Simon)
03 “Mirrorball” (Elbow)
04 “Flume” (Bon Iver)
05 “Listening Wind” (Talking Heads)
06 “The Power of the Heart” (Lou Reed)
07 “My Body Is a Cage” (Arcade Fire)
08 “The Book of Love” (The Magnetic Fields)
09 “I Think It’s Going to Rain Today” (Randy Newman)
10 “Après moi” (Regina Spektor)
11 “Philadelphia” (Neil Young)
12 “Street Spirit (Fade Out)” (Radiohead)


I like them. It's for a store named Target.

by Wieden + Kennedy

Boost Your Creativity With Side-To-Side Eye Movement

This technique is, "thought to increase the cross-talk between the hemispheres." Try it! I would, but I'm not an art director or designer :)

30 seconds to creativity from Brandon Schauer on Vimeo.

Vivienne Westwood Fall Winter 2010/11 Menswear


Getty Images Introduces Thinkstock: A New Kind Of Image Subscription

A Complete Image Subscription Product Offering Premium Royalty-Free Imagery from Getty Images and Jupiterimages, and User-Generated Images from iStockphoto

Getty Images, Inc., the world’s leading creator and distributor of visual and digital media content, today launches Thinkstock (www.thinkstock.com), a new image subscription product that provides one of the most complete offerings available in the marketplace. Developed for value-conscious creative professionals, Thinkstock is one of the only subscription products to offer this level of quality, simplicity and value all in one place, with world-class legal protection.

“Thinkstock is the new industry-standard in the image subscription business,” said Jonathan Klein, co-founder and CEO of Getty Images. “Thinkstock will change both the reality and customers’ perceptions of image subscriptions. By delivering an affordable and simple offering with excellent legal protection, Thinkstock provides one of the most complete subscriptions available anywhere, with premium, professional and user-generated imagery all in one place.”

Thinkstock offers creative professionals access to a comprehensive collection of imagery that is unmatched in its quality and variety, and provides all file sizes regardless of the subscription package. Thinkstock offers millions of select royalty-free images, vectors and illustrations from the industry’s leading content providers: Getty Images, iStockphoto and Jupiterimages. The collection combines both user-generated content and professionally art-directed images ensuring Thinkstock provides a genuinely diverse range of concepts and subjects with original and creative interpretations. Each week, Thinkstock will add thousands of new, premium images, all of which have been reviewed against the strict legal standards that Getty Images is known for in the industry.

The streamlined Thinkstock subscription plan complete with broad global usage rights, enables customers to begin using their imagery immediately after it is downloaded to their desktops. The monthly or yearly subscription options, priced at $249 and $2499 respectively, grant customers access to the entire library of Thinkstock images with downloads of 25 images per day, up to 750 images per month. Additionally, Thinkstock will soon offer multiple-shot image packs, with prices ranging from $59 - $999, ideal for customers with smaller budgets or who require imagery for a specific project.

Recognizing that today’s customers are working against accelerated deadlines to bring their creative projects to market, Thinkstock’s simple, user-friendly website – powered by Getty Images – makes it easier than ever to find the right image for any project. The site utilizes Getty Images’ proprietary keyword algorithms, with a vocabulary of 140,000 separate terms, to ensure the best image results are delivered, even for complex and conceptual keyword entries.

More than just a convenient way to access imagery in an instant, Thinkstock also provides complimentary legal protection as part of any image pack, monthly or yearly subscription. For any image that is used in compliance with the licensing terms, Thinkstock will protect customers against copyright claims and will defend, and be responsible for, any damages and expenses up to $10,000 for each image downloaded.

For more on Thinkstock, visit www.thinkstock.com.

Keiichi Matsuda 'Augmented (Hyper)Reality: Domestic Robocop'

Augmented (hyper)Reality: Domestic Robocop from Keiichi Matsuda on Vimeo.

Adland - Circle Creative & coy-com.com

"Mark Denton and Seth Watkins co-directed this charming film to remind people that the 2009 Creative Circle Annual is ready and available to anyone interested in owning a copy. See if you can list all the classic ad references ..."

Lace Up Save Lives

Nike and (RED)’s partnership to fight HIV/ AIDS in Africa. Visit also Nikesoccer.com/RED

Feb 1, 2010

Michael Paul Smith

OMG! These are model cars. Check this out. Michael Paul Smith creates model scenery's with cars and photographs them.

The Dualism

I've posted before about The Dualism, about the photography. Here 4 very interesting video's The Dualism made

Exhibition Promo:

The Dualism Exhibition Promo 1 from The Dualism on Vimeo.

Alone In The Dark:

The Dualism - Alone in the dark from The Dualism on Vimeo.


The Dualism - Bittersweet from The Dualism on Vimeo.

The Basement:

Experimental video of an under-development project about:

"Don't you just take the past and lock it in a basement? And then you meet someone special and all you want to do is to toss them the key and say; open up, step inside, but you can't, because it's dark, There are demons and anybody can see how ugly it is"

The Basement from The Dualism on Vimeo.

You can see his page on ArtReview here

Caterham + Yacht

This is a good way to transport your racing car


Camping anyone?