Jan 25, 2013

Tattoo Infographic

An infographic about tattoos ... tattooed.

"Paul Marcinkowski created this clever tattoo inforgraphic as a school project for the Academy Of Fine Arts in Łódź."


Flying Cars

Nice series of French photographer Renaud Marion named Air Drive Series. The future of vintage cars.


I Agree With The Dog

A video from 1983, Marcos Valle 'Estrelar'. Compare this with video's nowadays. Progression? Let's boogie!!!!!

My Kind Of Men ...

My friends call me Big Phil?! This is a hilarious 80s video dating compilation. Oh and ofcourse I have a simple smile.

Recycled Computer Monitor

Designer Low Yi Siu created this magazine 'rack' ... I like!


Jan 22, 2013

Adam Kalkin's Prefab Houses

Now this is what I mean ... Here I want to live in.

"Adam Kalkin’s firm Architecture + Hygiene makes prefab houses out of recycled shipping containers. Moderately cheap, mobile, and fully recyclable, the Bunny Lane house is located on 3 acres of property in Kalkin’s native New Jersey. With a modern, industrial outer shell, a traditional two-story New Jersey home is contained herein, juxtaposing modern living with the traditional, and adding a dose of quirk and charm.  The Quick House is a prefab kit coming with five modified containers to comprise 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2,000 square feet, fully customizable according to your interior preferences."


(Photography: Peter Aaron)

This is how they build it:


Chairigami is cool cardboard furniture for the urban nomad ... and others ... like me ...

Homage To Alexander Calder

NOWNESS.com presents: Alexander Calder - American Legend.

Replacement Hipsters

A fashion blog for the elderly. As cool as the young hipsters.


Peruvian Folk Bling

A cross between art and fashion. One dress will costs between $ 2800 en $ 3500. Below an interview with fashion designer Francisco Herrera, who makes extravagant "blinged out" dresses for Peru's folk music superstars.

Mustache Union Suit

Okay it may not be sexy ... but it's cute!!!!!!! I want! A bit expensive for a non-sexy piece of jammies though.


The Secret Life Of Superheroes

Even superheroes have to do what us normal people have to do. Nice posters by Greg Guillemin.


Real Life Tetris

I love his work.

"Created by contemporary Swedish artist Michael Johansson, these "real life Tetris" installations see other people's unwanted objects methodically and painstakingly packed together into neat, colour co-ordinated blocks."


Jan 21, 2013

Crystal Castles 'Sad Eyes'

Sad Eyes from the new Crystal Castles album.

Dr Seuss For Intellectuals

Dr Seuss titels interpreted by intellectuals. Would be nice if they also re-write the content.


Happy Birthday Dolly Parton

January 19th Dolly Parton turned 67. Jer Ber Jones created this mix, just for her.

Jan 20, 2013

Monarchy & Ditta Von Teese 'Disintegration'

Cool song and wonderful video.

Monarchy & Dita Von Teese -Disintegration from Roy Raz on Vimeo.

V1 Gallery

I like the mural, it emphasizes the artwork. Nice!

HuskMitNavn has a show, One of These Days, open now through February 16th at Copenhagen’s V1 Gallery.


Clarity Bike

I'm scared.

"A typical contraption of frame that seems like a glass but actually it isn’t made of glass. Clarity bike, a project by Design Affair Studio, is a mile stone in bike frames engineering and in creating amazing combination to take the advantage of materials like polymer. By using the advanced injection molded polymer and high impact resistance material, the bike has got quite gentle flexibility and awesome lightweight properties."


The Real Toy Story

The real Toy Story by photographer Michael Wolf.


Can Money Buy Happiness

That's the question ... There's a dutch saying, roughly translated, I don't have to swim in it, but to paddle would be nice.

New Logo American Airlines

And the big question is ... like or not like?! My personal opinion? Not like. Too busy.


Tattooed Japanese Mail Runners

Only the title Tattooed Japanese Mail Runners already triggers the brains. Japanese Mail Runners? And Tattooed??


It Brings Back Memories

Siouxsie & The Banshees ... the Eighties. Would have been a better concert if it had been in Paradiso or De Melkweg.

Brian Eno Documentary

Another Brian Eno Documentary by the BBC - Another Green World. One of my favorite oldie albums.

Akihiko Miyoshi Self Portraits

I like!

Akihiko Miyoshi’s series Abstract Photographs explores the lines between art and technology and more specifically, photographic representation. Using coloured tape on a mirror and various props, Miyoshi has created something similar to before-and-after shots, by focusing on himself, as the photographer, which blurs the tape and creates a kaleidoscope-like effect, then focusing on the tape to show the simplicity of his tape work on the mirror.