Jan 7, 2018


An animation about machines in real life. Love it!

THE MA(D)CHINES from YELL on Vimeo.


Batman Dracula by Andy Warhol (1964)

This is a very camp version of Batman, 'Batman Dracula' by Andy Warhol.

And, if you haven't seen this yet, a photoshoot from Andy Warhol and Nico as Batman and Robin.


Andy Warhol and Nico as Batman and Robin:



'No Fun' products ... a definite WANT!

JAY-Z ft Beyoncé 'Family Feud'

... and now the clip 'Family Feud' by JAY-Z ft  BeyoncĂ© is on YouTube. I must say, very violent.

I have to go to Eindhoven ... by train

I live in The Netherlands and I didn't know of the Silly Walks Tunnel in the pedestrian underpass near the Eindhoven Central Train Station. Shame on me.


War - It turns men into animals

'War' by Jake Likes Onions. Still laughing.

The movements of a symphony conductor visualized in a motion capture animation

This looks really awesome!

London Symphony Orchestra - Visualizing Motion and Music from Tobias Gremmler on Vimeo.


'A Band Of Thieves' by Fidel Ruiz-Healy

The short film 'A Band Of Thieves' by Fidel Ruiz-Healy got a lot of awards in 2015.

"The story of a young, western-obsessed girl hell-bent on turning her quiet Texas suburb into the lawless playground of her imagination."

I love the cinematography.

A Band of Thieves from Fidel Ruiz-Healy on Vimeo.

Repetitive Arnie

This made me smile. Arnold Schwarzenegger repeating himself in various movies.

The ultimate phone security

A comic by xkcd about phone security :)

Peter Gabriel in German??!! I didn't know

I didn't know Peter Gabriel did an album in German. Even with my favorite song on it 'Here comes the flood' or better 'Jetzt Kommt Die Flut'.


Grant Ellis’s 'Bless Your Heart'

"Grant Ellis examines the mythology of the Mississippi – one of the poorest states in the US – for his new project, Bless Your Heart."


A combination of Heritage, Sustainability and Economics - Dutch royalty vs Palace Soestdijk

Hey, I have a good idea. This year Paleis Soestdijk (our royal palace) has been sold to become a hotel. On the other hand a lot of money has been spend to fix another new palace. Now here's my new idea: Keep Paleis Soestdijk. I know, you have to be very smart to come up with. Which I am of course.

Protection of Heritage (very popular nowadays):

The 'defilee' on Paleis Soestdijk was something that almost everyone watched on television. THE people (pre-selected of course) could walk past Paleis Soestdijk while the whole family was standing in front of the door. How awesome.

Sustainability (also very popular nowadays):

You don't have to spend a lot of materials to fix a new palace. And what happens when we have the new queen? Another new palace? More materials?

Economics (always popular):

You don't have to spend a lot of money to fix a new palace. And what happens when we have the new queen? Another new palace? More money?

It's just an idea from just a subject of the Kingdom of The Netherlands. But I guess this would gain the royalty's some popularity (also very popular nowadays).
You can always say: We have to go along with the modern times! We have to break traditions! I'm the first to agree and activily do this. But hey, we're talking about Royalty ... how traditional is that!

Yotam Avni's new solo EP 'Prelude To Dybbuk'

Yotam Avni's new solo EP 'Prelude to Dybbuk' is published on Lucy's Stroboscopic Artefacts.

Good Sunday!!!!!

Balenciaga vs Crocs

This is the most unthinkable colaboration between two brands: Balenciaga and Crocs. But it happened. This is one of the 10 snobshots of the week.

"If you are unfamiliar with Highsnobiety's Snobshots series, it’s our global street style roundup, highlighting the best in user-submitted imagery."


Pool slippers ... there must be a difference

Or as they say in Dutch: "boss over boss". Both unique.

Vetements pool slippers: $ 590,--:

Febo pool slippers: euro 17,50:

Illegal photos of North Korea

Kim Jong Un definitely gets angry if he saw these. If you follow this link you can read why these were prohibited.