Nov 30, 2019

'The Self-Care Calendar for Festive Season Survival' - I NEED!

Canadian agency The Hive launches 'The Self-Care Calendar for Festive Season Survival' for the Mental Health Association, Canada.

I'm the Grinch, I hate the month of December. Why?

- Probably my youth. My mother forced to be merry. December 25th was her birthday, so we always 'celebrated' Sinterklaas, December 5th. On top of this I had a lot of birthdays in December.
- I have problems with forced celebrations. I will celebrate May 2nd ... August 13th ... whatever.
- I don't like the cold dark weather.
- I hate the fact that all of a sudden even the biggest asshole is 'nice & giving'.
- I love music ... I hate Christmas songs.

"According to research, 59% of people admitted to feeling sad during the holiday, while 55% lacked motivation or energy and 51% said they were fatigued. With the pressure to feel merry seeming to increase with each passing December day, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed and forget some of the keys to contentment and well-being."

Result: I survive the month of December. I'm a perfect collegue at work, I never take days off.

So if you would ask me 'What are you going to do with Christmas'? My answer will be: 'Sit on the couch with a nice bottle of white wine or a glass of whisky watching Netflix'.

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