Nov 24, 2014

I'm Back & I'm Looking For ...

I'm back ... back in Amsterdam (yeah!) and back on SylK's Playground. Finally. Three months homeless and now living between boxes. Waiting for quote contractor, waiting already for almost 2 weeks. But happy being back in Amsterdam in the awesome hood named BoLo.

Story of my life, all things happen at the same time. Ah well, if you live and make decisions shit happens. So I'm looking for a new challenge as they always say on LinkedIn. Or more straightforward, I'm looking for a job / project / freelance / permanent / part-time / fulltime, as long as it pays. The company I work for is reorganizing, last in - first out.

You're wondering probably "... a job ... I want to help ... but what kind of job?". So here we go: image research and / or negotiation, photography, workshop 'How To Deal With (Stock) Photography', sales, account management, social media. But anything will do, as long as it pays the bills.

Thanks for looking into this matter.

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