Jul 14, 2013

So WiFi

Such a coincidence. I was with some friends at a restaurant which had free wifi. Always nice. I wanted to hook on. What I always dislike is when you get re-directed to a website where you have to logon. Not this one. It only said 'Like us on Facebook'. After like, you have free wifi. How cool is that!

2 Weeks later I was visiting a client. We were talking about social media, websites et cetera and I told him this story. Guess what. His room mate works with the company So WiFi who developed the 'like on facebook' system. At this moment they're going abroad. So fellow human beings walking on this earth ... contact them! Ideal for small companies.

Follow the link to So WiFi. At the moment only in dutch and german, but 'contact' is international. And there's always Google Translate.

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