May 26, 2015

The Seven Deadly Sins

Gurt Swanenberg and his Seven Deadly Sins. Logo's on skulls. Is it a warning, a statement or both?
  1. luxuria (lechery/lust)
  2. gula (gluttony)
  3. avaritia (avarice/greed)
  4. acedia (sloth/discouragement)
  5. ira (wrath)
  6. invidia (envy)
  7. superbia (pride)
source: Wikipedia


Mar 13, 2015

Flesh & Touch [NSFW]

As you probably have noticed, I hardly ever post photorealistic drawings / art. Simple reason, mostly I don't like it. But these photorealistic drawings by Cath Riley are breath taking. It shows the intimacy of flesh and touch.


Playbook by Roger Chouinard

Recycle scrap in art. And fun too. Roger Chouinard takes found objects and turns it into very fun illustrations.