Jan 20, 2019

Who am I - #dreamingmurakami

Just watched the free documentary Dreaming Murakami.

Fighting the Worm. I understand. The Worm for me is a cute puppy. I fall for it, I become all Jell-O.

"Who am I?". I think I have a good idea of how people see me. But I have no idea who I am. From the moment I can remember I tried to figure out what I was doing 'here'. I always felt an outsider. I always watched myself doing stuff, making decissions (some good, often bad). Hence my favorite Radiohead song 'I'm a creep' :).

I have to watch this documentary again.

Jul 20, 2018

Muse 'Something human'

Watch the new Muse 'Something human'. New album: November 2018.

“Face-to-face offensive” campaign for the Berlin Bruisers

I'm a “Arsefucker”, “Cock Lover”, “Dirty Bastard”, “Gender Bender”. A very necessary and wonderful campaign for Berlin's rugby team the Berlin Bruisers to overcome prejudice, exclusion, stereotypes and bigotry. I love it!

What is meat

Because of lab-grown food we can join the somewhat philosophical discussion 'What is meat' instead of the eternal question 'Who am I'.

Join the debate over here.