Sep 25, 2017

Pre Tesla - Why everyone wanted an electric car in 1905

A brief history of electric cars you can read here.

One of the many Fritchle electric cars manufactured in the early 20th century

This pyramid-shaped two passenger vehicle is a Sebring Vanguard, an electric car manufactured in Sebring, Fla. in 1974

What to do with neglected basketball courts

Exactly! Create giant artworks. Looks awesome.

And yes, ofcourse people are going to use them again.


The NY Fashion District in the 1960s

Very nice vintage photo's from The NY Fashion District in the 1960s.


Very smart USB light for the Mac

Grph Minimalist USB Light for the iMac by MASSESS.

The USB-powered Grph is a simple, yet powerful light that’s made from precision milled oak and outfitted with dimmable touch controls allowing you to adjust six LEDs that put out 100 lumens of light. Each Grph is handcrafted and made-to-order in their Los Angeles studio.

(Thanks Yam)


Seeing Morris Dancing & Polar Bears for the very first time

BBC2 doc 'Tribes react to ...'