Jan 27, 2015

D.A.F. Says Goodbye

Auf Wiedersehen Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft. D.A.F. calls it quits and announces farewell tour. Remember?


People Are Stupid ... As Proven On Jimmy Kimmel Live

Most used password 1 2 3. 1 Minute of fame and people tell you everything. Shall I laugh, shall I cry (no, already did that), shall I get angry.

Epic Paintings Of Mosh Pits

Normally I don't like realistic paintings. But this I love. Artist Dan Witz paints hyper realistic mosh pits. You can almost feel it. Wonderful!


Okay ... Now I'm Crying ... A Very Brave Man

His Finest Moment, what a brave man. Compliments Faris Khalifa. Agree, backpain is accepted, brainpain isn't. Let's get rid of the stigma on mental illness. And btw Faris Khalifa, you're one of the coolest persons ever! You can follow him on Twitter @Faz_Khalifa.

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People With No Sense Of Direction

The title appeals to me. Monty Python sketch about the Olympic Games in Muenich. Still funny.