Jul 2, 2017

A present from the Netherlands to the US - WeTransfer

C'mon! You're still using DropBox??!! You're kiddin' me. The Netherlands gave you a present: WeTransfer. Looks better, works better, is nicer. Since last year they also have an office in LA.

It's free. But, there's WeTransfer Plus for businesses. Totally customized but not in an annoying way.

Come on people, give it a try! I know you will love it.

Who we are:
Our growing team is based in offices in Amsterdam and Los Angeles. We are a creatively-minded company whose founders came from design, marketing and media.

We have always given away 30% of our backgrounds to the creative industries, to promote artists, designers and musicians whose work we love. Now we tell the stories behind these wallpapers and the creatives who produced them on This Works. Because it does.

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