Dec 10, 2013

So True

A Pantene commercial from the Philippines. By the way it's weird to see Western looking Philippine people. But I digress. Most of the times I don't like commercials by beauty products, cleaning products et cetera. This commercial surprised me. An attempt to put some kind of social statement. The difference between business women and business men.

I've worked my whole life in different kind of jobs. When I was younger I used to state that women themselves created the difference between men and women on the workfloor. How wrong was I. This is very recognizable.

I was once working in a company with mostly men (about 50 employees). There were 4 women working there. One inside sale (always crying, most of the time absent), one HR, one at the reception and me, a very direct, independent person. The owner called me in for a talk one day. He told me that a couple of men on the workfloor said I was too bossy. Is it too bossy to tell someone what the client wants, so they have to do it again? I replied: "If I was Sylvano Knaap, would I be bossy too?". He answered: "No, you would be decisive, but it is the way it is". And this is just one example. For me the combination of this social issue and shampoo is a bit too forced. But perhaps I have to get used to it.


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