Jan 26, 2019

I want to learn crochet!!!!

I'm not very good at needlework. Never have been. At highschool I liked handicraft. But at the end of highschool I wanted to spend time reading and learning for my exam so I went to the needlework teacher (she had bad experiences with me) and made a deal. Every other week I would do her shopping for the class, the materials ... and she gave me a sufficient rating on my report card.

Until I saw the amigurumi's from a Dutch guy Dendennis who started crochet to relax. Awesome!

BTW, I've knitted a blanket ... with a 'little' help from a friend (thanks Esther). And I must say, it is relaxing. My problem was that I knitted the whole night because I wanted it to be finished.

Today I saw this life-sized crochet skeleton (anatomically correct) by Shanell Papp. This makes studying medicine much more fun.


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