Jul 16, 2018

I'm back ...

I hope :)

Busy busy busy. I know, that's not okay. You can make time. Do you want a lame excuse? Too much on my mind. Private and work, too much going on. I told you that's a lame excuse.

And my MacBook Pro all of a sudden disappeared and re-appeared in my daughters room (20 years old, interactive designer). The only laptop I have now is my work laptop, a very small Dell. Easy as hell. I'm a Mac girl (computer only, I'm anti iPhone), I've learned working on a computer on a Mac, by accident. So me and a Dell laptop is quite silly. Can't find anything. But I will teach myself, if only for blogging.

How am I? Thanks for asking, so sweet. Fine, I'm always fine. Or: Life sucks :).
Worked 40hrs+ and a hectic private life. And I'm part now of the TEDxAmsterdam Partner team. As a volunteer, as are all collegues who work for TEDxAmsterdam. So getting busier and busier.

Back to business ... did you see this photo?

Hilarious don't you think? Look at his face!!!!!!


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