Feb 25, 2017

Trip down memory lane

Since a couple of months the office I work at moved to WeWork Metropool, Weesperstraat, Amsterdam. It's around the corner from where I grew up. Last week I walked around a bit during my kindof late lunch break to see if it changed a lot. It did ofcourse. But I still recognized the hood.

De Nieuwe Prinsengracht, I started on the Roeterstraat looking towards the Weesperstraat. On the left side the houses, on the right side the 'old men's home'. I don't know if this was the official name at that time but that's the name people gave it. An old people's home with only grumpy old men.

The Roeterstraat - Nieuwe Prinsengracht. When I was standing here I remembered me on my bicycle waiting till the tram would approach and crossing the road, right before the tram. It always would ring its bell like crazy. Very dangerous, because the road wasn't straight and there is a bridge. I remember my mother standing on the corner with an apron on and curlers in her hair not making a sound, only pointing in the direction of our home. She was so angry with me.

This is the corner from the Roeterstraat and The Nieuwe Prinsengracht. For ages, till I think a couple of years ago there was a night shop. Now a Bagels & Beans (also nice).

And here it is (I think), 2nd floor. I lived there from 0 till almost 9. 2/3 rooms and a kitchen, no shower at that time. And as you can see a french balcony or balconet. Everything very small.

And this was the view on the other side of the canal, the 'old men's home' full of scary grumpy old men. They were often walking in the hood and screaming at you, and waving with their walking sticks, when you passed them very fast.

A small side road. Where the new buildings are was the entrance of my school, dr. E. Boekmanschool. The entrance now is on the Roeterstraat.

My small trip down memory lane. It was fun to see, especially that it all changed but not a lot.

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