Feb 15, 2017

Tagwalk - How smart!

A business like post for a change. I have worked almost my whole life with press photo's and stock photo's. I know how hard it is to find THE right image, especially with press.

Alexandra Van Houtte worked as a fashion assistent at the Paris offices of Vogue, Grazia and Glamour. Searching constantly for the right fashion photo - a red dress - a polkadot pants. Searching for these kind of photo's is very time consuming. To make a longer story short, she quite her job at Grazia in 2015 and started Tagwalk. A search engine for fashion. How smart!

You can read the story here.

At this moment ideal for moodboards and finding the fashion designer. But what if you want to use the image in a publication? I think Tagwalk is going big!

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