Aug 23, 2012

Sue The Amsterdam Local Government

Sorry, it's in dutch. Local tv did a news item about a friend of mine. She lives next to an building that's being demolished. Weird enough, because it was an elderly home. But the neighborhood is upcoming so get rid of the elderly, we better can put expensive apartments over there ... stupid economics.

But okay, back the original story. For 2 months already they live in hell. Stones fall on their roof and patio. Very dangerous to live there. My friend, her sister who lives next to her, two dogs and two cats are now living in their small garden house. Ridiculous!!!!! Local government does nothing, company who takes care of demolishing don't give a shit. They all say it's safe. You don't have to understand dutch if you watch the video to see that it is dangerous over there.

Thank you Amsterdam, thank you economics ... Sue them!!!!!!

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