Nov 30, 2009

Abuse In A Relationship

I'm more furious than confused.

In the Netherlands there's this commercial on tv and radio. You here a female voice who says that's enough, 'we can both work this out' and a telephone number you can dial for help.

The part that makes me furious is the sentence 'we can both work this out'. In the case of this commercial it's HIS problem, not hers. That brings me to the other thing, why is it a female voice. Men get mentally and physically abused in a relationship too.

There's this campaign in the Netherlands for teenagers. They did some research and have found out that a lot of female teenagers (yes again), are in an abusive relationship. Physically or mentally. The campaign says: Get out of that relationship. Healthy advice I think.

Do you see my problem? Two campaigns, about the same time:
- in both the victims are female
- in the 'grown up' version, the female says she wants to work it out together
- in the teenage version, the female needs to get out of the relationship

'Work it out together' ... it sounds to me as taking a junkie in the house and tell him / her not to steal.

A very chaotic blog this time ... because I'm annoyed and furious. How is this possible.

Look at all the banned commercials, the suggestion of a camera in a vagina, nudity and it's banned. And this is possible??????

So no my advice. Whoever you are, if you are in a abusive relationship: GET THE FUCK OUT OF IT!!!!!!!

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