Aug 12, 2017

Anti-Rape devices ... ouch

I was raped. No I'm not a victim. I would never use these inventions. But I can imagine some women would, especially in countries where it's normal that women are raped. They all look very uncomfortable to me, except for the alarm angel. Rape is a power game and has less to do with sex. Guess what, I always win.

Some of them I can see in use. Others are not very comfortable for the person who has to wear it.

Rape aXe:

FemDefence: This one is not real, just to start a discussion. Good idea though. Nice and painful.

Hairy legtights: unfortunately this seems to drive perverts crazy

Anti-Rape belt: this belt can only be opened when you use both your hands. Invented by a couple of Swedish teenage girls, supported by Bjork.

Society Harnessing Equipment (SHE): Anti-rape underwear developed by Indian tech students. GPS and delivering an electric shock.

The injector by Ira Sherman: an impenetrable device, victims want a body armour. It injects tattoo ink for identification and sedatives.

Angel Wing Buzzing Anti-Rape Device, a simple one: pull the rod to release a 90dB alarm sound

Anti-molestation jacket, developed by 2 students Fashion Technology, India. It comes with a button that turns the jacket into a stun gun.

The snare, another one by Ira Sherman. It cuts (best case scenario).

The killer tampon by Dr Haumann, it chops. It was never produced.


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