Nov 29, 2014

The Climate Safari / Klimaatsafari

You can do something good today. Please vote for a very good and professional friend's project 'The Climate Safari'. You can vote here. It's a dutch initiative by Architectuurcentrum Makeblijde | aMb, but applicable worldwide.

Thanks in advance for helping them!

English translation:

Climate experts, architects and designers work together with individuals and businesses to find creative solutions to make Houten (a place in the Netherlands, near Utrecht) climate-proof.

Safari: the resident as a climate expert.
Almost daily the effects of climate change are in the news. Mostly about extreme flooding or drought. Fortunately, there is also a focus on innovative solutions for water, environment and energy issues. Solutions that we call climate adaptation. Who does not know by now the luminous cycle by Daan Roosegaarde or the Garden Factory by Esther van der Wiel on the roof of Hoog Catharijne.

The climate safari
But what is the status of the climate in Houten? Architecture Center Makeblijde | aMb together with the residents of Houten are going to check. We do this together with climate experts, architects and designers.

What's more fun than going on safari in a seemingly familiar habitat? Looking for what remains hidden at first sight when you get to the familiar playground, green area, playground. Be surprised: we'll show that already very much is happening in Houten concerning climate adaptation. We look at how we can make choices in different locations in Houten that enable us to face the challenges that climate change imposes on us as citizens. Which solutions can you use in your own neighborhood, garden, home to protect the climate? What other solutions can you think of?

Big interventions such as widen the major rivers are made out of our control, but inside the ring road the citizens can have control. For who can think of better solutions than the users themselves, better solutions for the green belt, bike path, industrial aerea, grass plots? The residents of Houten indeed know exactly what the problems and possible solutions are for the Houten-specific climate issues.
We are going to make proposals together. We create maps, drawings, photographs and models and will present them next year on a special night about the climate in Houten.


The climate safari is an initiative of Architecture Centre Makeblijde | a Mb.
The architecture center is a nationwide network of designers, garden and landscape designers and architects who want to use the creativity of citizens in the preservation of their environment.

Implementation of the project:
For Climate Safari, the architecture centre Makeblijde requires a contribution of Euro 10,000 to search together with the inhabitants of Houten for concrete plans for sites in Houten.

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