Oct 14, 2014

The Ultimate Coffee Table

I will move house on November 3rd, so I'm totally obsessed with interior solutions. Needless to say, as cheap as possible. Here in the Netherlands everybody has the television set at the same wall, a couch (3 seat) and 2 chairs or a small couch - coffee table in the middle. That's why I never liked coffee tables. The problem with not having a coffee table is a messy floor. You put your coffee, tea, wine, whiskey on the floor with the risk kicking it.

Also I don't like the fixed format from a coffee table. Solution found. This coffee table. But I want it on wheels so I can move it from one side to another, depending on my mood and the amount of people that are visiting.

Its name is REK coffee table. Its designer is Reinier de Jong. Its photographer is Peter van der Knoop.

(Thanks Yam)

REK coffee table from Reinier de Jong on Vimeo.

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