Oct 15, 2013

Funkybod Muscle Top

It must be me, but I never understand these kind of things. A patted T-shirt so you can go from skinny to muscles. Tanning spray. Correctional underwear. Lots of make-up. A couple of months ago I was invited to go to a 'Macho & Slut' event. Ofcourse I went as a slut, make-up done by a real stylist. When I looked into the mirror I didn't even recognize myself. Okay, that's a party, 1x. But there are a lot of women doing this almost every day (for example Jersey Shore, Geordy Shore). I mean, you look the way you think you look better, but in the end, waking up in the morning, you are yourself again. It's the same with manipulative people, acting the whole time. I don't like myself a lot, but at least what you see is what you get. No acting.

Back to this little gadget, an 'invention' by 2 English men, the Funkybod Muscle Top, a patted T-shirt, patted in all the right places. Why do you wear it, to attract females I presume. But what do they want to do ... keep a distance of their prey? I mean if the woman touches you they will find out that it's patted. Or do I miss something. Oh, forgot to tell, for very interested males, it hides your mamboobs too.

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