Apr 30, 2011

Goodmorning - Happy Queensday!!!!!!

It's Queensday in the Netherlands. Not our queen at this moment but her mothers birthday. And like Easter, birthdays, halloween it's normal to say on days like this Happy Queensday!!!!! Everything is orange, people get drunk, public transportation problems. It's always very nice in Amsterdam, that's why I'm not there at the moment. Supermarkets are allowed to sell 1 alcoholic beverage (beer) per customer. Can you imagine the long rows before the register? And don't you think people are smart enough (and that's something for me to say, the combination of people and smart) to have bought it this week? Okay don't be too grumpy ... for all the people who love to be around masses of other people: enjoy this song (Greensleeves) on the Otamatone.

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