Sep 30, 2010

Tom Strala 'Calmares - Poetry Of Efficiency'

Zürich light designer Tom Strala's latest design comprises several dozen energy-saving fluorescent tubes, each of these consumes just
24 watts of energy. With “Calmares I”, Strala connected 73
bulbs to form a spherical light, with “Calmares II” 13. The
clustering and precise ordering allows the ‘farcical’ energy-
saving bulbs to become graceful objects of unique, futuristic

The construction’s base is composed of white aluminium
tubes mounted on a spherical base. At the end of each is an
Osram “Circolux” energy-saving light bulb of 22 cm in diame-
ter, each of these emits the same amount of light as a standard
150 watt light bulb. The “Calmares I” light sculpture of 1.5 m in
diameter emits an impressive 124,100 lumens of light – with
energy consumption of just 1,700 watts. It provides the
perfect lighting for spacious foyers, lounges, hotel entrances,
conference centre lobbies and nightclubs. Over two hundred
60 watt light bulbs would be needed to emit an equivalent
amount of light – and these would require seven times the
amount of energy. “Calmares II”, which is also suitable for home
use with a diameter of 0.7 m, emits 22,100 lumens of light –
the equivalent of a good three dozen conventional light bulbs.

The “Calmares” concentrically-arranged, energy-saving phos-
phor rings resemble a freeze frame of an exploding rework.
They dazzle like a supernova in a starry sky and emit warm,
atmospheric and glare-free light. With their radical form, they
are as stunning an eye-catcher amidst modern architecture as
they are as a counterbalance to traditional structures. The
“Calmares” lights lend a graceful, poetic note to the e ciency
question and contradict the common preconception that
energy-saving models emit harsh, “cold” light.


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